Sunderland’s Paolo Di Canio Slams ‘Arrogant, Ignorant’ Players: The Nightly EPL

Sunderland manager Paolo Di Canio was back on the warpath again after today’s 1-0 loss to Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane.

Di Canio says that the levels of “arrogance” and “ignorance” are worse than those he encountered at Swindon Town. The Sunderland boss didn’t mince his words as he complained about the poor discipline at the club.

He said he was incandescent after he saw photos of Phil Bardsley lying on a casino floor covered in £50 notes. The manager says that Bardsley has played his last match for Sunderland.

Di Canio also said he fined seven of his players last week who breached his code of conduct.

“This week, there have been seven fined and this morning, once again … a player that I could not involve in the squad for a different reason decided: ‘I don’t train today,'” said Di Canio. “He said he had food poisoning. He made the diagnosis. Sorry, are you the doctor? The doctor tried to contact him. Three hours, he switched off his telephone. This is the situation at Sunderland.”

Di Canio’s tough discipline is just what Sunderland needs. Let’s hope the board gets behind him and gives him the support (and funds) to help turn this team around next season.

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10 thoughts on “Sunderland’s Paolo Di Canio Slams ‘Arrogant, Ignorant’ Players: The Nightly EPL”

  1. I’m sure a lot of players are going to want to play for Sunderland next season. He is leading the sack race for next season already.

  2. disciplinarian- hardly just a showboat who found this as an angle to get attention, there’s discipline then there is throwing your players under the bus- if he feels this way so strongly why not do it privately as when he’s asked about his “history” of ill chosen moments he wants to just talk futbol- maybe Bardsley feels the same

    1. Who did he throw under the bus? He named one person who was already all over the media for embarrassing themselves and the club. The problem now is if he goes back on his word and lets Bardsley play again he just looks weak.

  3. The premier league needs the Paolo diCanio’s..he is great for football…looking forward to next season with him in it..


  4. This guy is just too easy of a target. I will (uncharacteristically) lay off of the obvious avenues for making fun of him.

    One thing I have noticed in all sports is that it seems to be this endless pendulum. You have the hard-ass manager. Then he gets done for and everyone says – too much of a, uh, fascist. So they bring in a guy who is all buddy-buddy (read: “holistic”) with the players. But then, when you need an excuse to toss him aside he was “too lenient,” “Let players run amok,” etc.

    I do start to wonder about the efficacy of the Il Duce approach at the very highest levels of football where the money is so big and other suitors will always be out there.

  5. Apart from being hysterical in celebration and making himself look like a fool, sure he is a good manager. He should just deal problems internally and stop being so darn uncontrollably emotional every time Sunderland peep a goal. He is not a player anymore. He is a manager, and yes, manager do celebrate, but boy he can make Adebayor look like a rookie.
    Pause it!!

    1. Nothing wrong with celebrations the way he does it. He loves football and was a player. Get off it. Maybe when players see the manager get jacked up it brings something to a team. I dont know. Manager is part of the team also. So I see nothin wrong with it.

      1. if it’s sincere emotion not contrived- This guy is playing for the camera’s you can see it- he’s a fraud

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