England Manager Roy Hodgson Criticizes Chelsea, Man City and Spurs for Post-Season Tours

England manager Roy Hodgson says that Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur have “scotched” England’s friendlies by scheduling post-season friendlies in the United States and, in Tottenham’s case, The Bahamas.

Here’s what Hodgson said:

“My thinking, which is based a lot on having been a club manager, is that they’ll probably want a few days after the season ends, they won’t want to go straight from the end of the season to us, so let them have a week and then we’ll keep them a week and then they’re free.

“So we’ve been scotched a little bit by the teams who decided to go on long close-season tours. It’s made in particular the first match (against Ireland at Wembley) a little bit difficult because some of the players will only have been back a few days when we’ve got to play and also we’re scotched in that all the teams have decided to go far west to America and Bahamas, so they’re going backward and forward on these long journeys. But that’s again the situation we find ourselves in. We can’t dictate to clubs what they do.”

Chelsea plays Manchester City in St Louis and New York on May 23 and 25, while Tottenham plays a game in The Bahamas on May 23. In the Chelsea-Manchester City friendlies, several England players including Joe Hart, James Milner, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole may feature for their club team. Tottenham, meanwhile, may play England’s Kyle Walker and Jermain Defoe.

After the Premier League games this Sunday, the players will travel to the western hemisphere, and then back again to England to play for their national team. And then they’ll have to fly to Brazil before their June 2nd friendly before returning to the United Kingdom once again.

8 thoughts on “England Manager Roy Hodgson Criticizes Chelsea, Man City and Spurs for Post-Season Tours”

  1. If (big if)the results work tomorrow so that Chelsea and Arsenal have to do a playoff, that would be a huge marketing coup to have the game in the USA. British public would hate it, but they do play regular season NFL games in London.

  2. Woy meeds to wnderstand that us Spurs fans don’t give a toss what he thinks or wants. He would achieve bugger all if he had half the Barca team to pick from.

  3. I agree with him somewhat, but in England’s case they don’t have WC qualifiers in June like other European nations (and other confederations). These friendly matches are just cash grabs, I seriously don’t get the timing of a late May USA friendly

  4. 1. Club
    2. Other stuff
    3. England

    Roy needs to understand that outside of competitions many fans don’t care about England.

  5. These matches are whoring out the PL… Wanna tour.. Do it in late July. If this becomes a ‘thing’ with PL clubs… The shark will be jumped,

    1. When EPL teams come stateside, it’s a great opportunity for fans here to experience a level of play we don’t get from MLS. Even if these are friendlies, they’re appreciated. Sure, your teams make money–that’s what they’re supposed to do. No shame in doing that while spreading the EPL gospel. What I would like to see is a brace of meaningful, regular-season matches in the U.S. If an NFL team can play one of its only 16 regular-season games abroad, an EPL side or two could easily do the same. Come on, England! You’ll always be the home of the world’s game…

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