Best Premier League Goals of the 2012-13 Season [VIDEO]

It was another memorable Premier League season for sensational goals. Cisse, Lowton, Baines, Van Persie, Bale and so many other incredible goalscorers.

Here are ten of the best, but there are also some glaring ones missed (Oscar for Chelsea, and Bale’s against Swansea, just to name two).

Which one is your favorite? Let us know below.

7 thoughts on “Best Premier League Goals of the 2012-13 Season [VIDEO]”

  1. Lowton’s goal for Aston Villa was the best of the bunch. The one missing from this list is the Suarez goal for Liverpool against Newcastle. His technique was sublime. Would be my second best just because of the level of difficulty in scoring that goal.

  2. RVP’s goal. Hands down the best one for me. So much skill and class, a true thing of beauty. It was the dagger to MCFC and the rest of the league for the title hunt.

    Congrats again to MUFC and RVP for their brilliant year. We’ll be back.

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