The Real Oviedo Story: A Must See Short Film Featuring Michu and Sid Lowe [VIDEO]

Two weeks ago, we teased you with the trailer to a new short film by Copa90 entitled The Real Oviedo Story. As we mentioned, the Spanish club were close to going out of business, but thousands of people from around the world — including Premier League stars Michu and Santi Cazorla from the Premier League — pitched in and raised money to help save the club.

Now the complete short film is available, and it’s definitely a must see. It’s a heartwarming piece about fan support for a soccer club who faced desperate times, but received help from supporters around the world, including the United States of America.

No matter what team you support, and whether you like La Liga or not, if you’re a soccer supporter, then this is required viewing. It’s hard not to feel for Real Oviedo after watching this short film, which features interviews with Michu, Sid Lowe (of The Guardian) and others.

Plus, the video was edited by the one-and-only Laurence McKenna of EPL Talk!

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