Rafael Benitez Will Manage Chelsea For 2 Friendlies Against Manchester City in USA Next Week

Chelsea interim manager Rafael Benitez will accompany his team immediately after the season ends on Sunday on the club’s United States post-season tour where they’ll play Manchester City in two friendlies — in St Louis and New York City.

Benitez’s contract with Chelsea expires at the end of May, so he’ll be managing Chelsea for their matches against Manchester City in St Louis on May 23 and in New York City on May 25. It’ll be an opportunity for Chelsea supporters to show their support to the Blues for an excellent season where they won the Europa League and qualified for next season’s UEFA Champions League.

Manchester City caretaker manager Brian Kidd will be in charge of City for their two games after Roberto Mancini was sacked earlier this week.

Tickets for Manchester City-Chelsea in St Louis sold out in 20 minutes. Tickets for the New York City friendly at Yankee Stadium between Manchester City-Chelsea are available at www.yankees.com/soccer. Ticket prices start at $60.

13 thoughts on “Rafael Benitez Will Manage Chelsea For 2 Friendlies Against Manchester City in USA Next Week”

  1. Fox Soccer is reporting that Benitez may not take the lap of honor with the rest of the team at Stamford Bridge on Sunday because Chelsea fear fan backlash that would embarass the club. If true, it will forever relegate Chelsea fans to be the worst fans in the world. I hope it’s not true as Benitez has been very professional and deserves better treatment.

    1. Again, the most vocal Chelsea ticket buyers will be in full cry on Sunday with their two chants:

      1. You’re not wanted here! You’re not wanted heeeeeeeeeere! F— off Benitez, you’re not wanted here!

      2. Jose Mourinho! Jose Mourinho! Jose Mourinho! Jose Mourinho!

      Those chants will continue in St. Louis and The Bronx next week.

  2. I think Chelsea fans are going to be very disappointed that Mourinho won’t be as successful as they think he will be. Unless Chelsea spend big this summer and buy a world-class striker and a midfielder they won’t be much better than this season.

    When Rafa said Mourinho will be getting 100 million to spend on players he was being sarcastic and pointing out that Mourinho cannot build a squad. The Financial Fair Play rules will make it very difficult for either Chelsea or Man City to spend like they did. I suspect each club will have no more than 25-30 million to spend plus any player sales. These clubs have high wage bills.

    1. Glory hunting Chelsea supporters are no different than glory-hunting Barca, Real Madrid, or Man City supporters.

      The expectations for “The Special One” are simple:

      1. WIN EVERYTHING while providing entertainment around the clock, on and off the pitch

      One would expect Chelsea to train at UCLA this summer if the Special One were to take over.

      The “over and under” on how long the Special One will last at Chelsea this time: 2 years 6 months

    2. Roman A. and Sheik Mansour have more than enough money to hire accountants and lawyers to find loopholes to exploit Financial Fair Play rules to their advantage.

      With that said, Real Madrid will always be at the top of the transfer market food chain, as RM have access to bottomless sources of government bailout money disguised as real estate deals.

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