Is This Manchester City’s Third Shirt for the 2013-14 Season? [PHOTO]

Is this Manchester City’s third shirt for the 2013-14 season?

Or perhaps is it their away shirt, or none of them? It’s difficult to say, but the newly leaked photo could either be the real deal or a fake. The uniquely designed shirt certainly incorporates colors that Manchester City have worn before. It has the hallmarks of being either the third shirt or away shirt, but we may have to wait and see until the official jersey is revealed to know for sure.

Two weeks ago, we revealed a black Manchester City away shirt, while City’s 2013-14 home shirt was leaked in January.

If the above pictured jersey is Manchester City’s away or third shirt, what’s your opinion of it? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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12 thoughts on “Is This Manchester City’s Third Shirt for the 2013-14 Season? [PHOTO]”

  1. Not only are those traditional City alternate odours, that odd… sublimation ? is something Nike has been mucing about with. They’ve also tried a variety of takes on stripes, as the Barça, Inter and Juve kits of the last few years have shown.

    And yes, this is fugly.


  2. A little background here – there is a City supporter who is a bit skilled in graphic design and routinely comes up with all sorts of various speculative ideas.

    His images get shared and passed around and then start coming up via google image searches. For example:

    According to him, what has apparently happened here is that someone in China/Thailand has actually produced a fake third kit based on the gradient red/white concept.

    City supporters have a long running joke of at least 3 or 4 years going as to one particular hideous design (not as bad as this but close) that shows up every single year on a wood floor with the tags, etc. Same thing happened with that as here, I think.

    So FAKE. Thank &*%$# god. I’d rather wear a rag Full Kit Wanker ensemble tablecloth for 30 straight days than be seen in something this gash.

    1. To clarify, there are outfits in the far east who try to sell what they think will be the actual product. So they google “Man city 2012-13 nike kit,” see the concept images our guy mocked up in photoshop, think they are real, and then make them for purposes of sale.

  3. Yeah I hate having red in the kit. It’s an interesting design but ditch the red. I understand it’s part of the history but we just had the black and red kits last season. Let’s leave it alone for a bit.

  4. Yeeeaaaah not for me! Think Nike need to find an imagination. All three so far have been a bit of a joke.

  5. It’ll never be that one, look how naff, cheap and nasty the shorts material is. It’ll be another knock off Bangkok market stall fraud, that’s all. It just amazes me how so many morons fall for the same old trick every year…

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