Ryan Giggs Set to be Offered Coaching Role at Manchester United

Ryan Giggs is reportedly close to agreeing a deal with Manchester United that will see him stay on at the club for one more season in a coaching role as well as being available for the first-team.

The 39-year-old midfielder has already signed a one-year extension at Manchester United but isn’t expected to get much playing time next season. At the same time, Giggs has almost completed his coaching badges.

“I’ve done that while I’m playing, which at times can be tough, doing homework and going on courses, or doing coaching sessions after training,” said Giggs, in an interview with The Daily Mirror.

Giggs, however, hasn’t decided whether he wants to be a full-time coach yet.

“Whether I’ll do it straight away or take a bit of time off when I finish, I don’t know,” he added.

7 thoughts on “Ryan Giggs Set to be Offered Coaching Role at Manchester United”

  1. What can you say about Giggs that hasn’t already been said? He will be Moyes’s assistant in a few seasons and take over the reins after Moyes. I have loved watching him play over the years. My son’s favoriate player. Will be a sad day when I can’t watch him anymore. But the time has come.

    1. I just don’t see him as a manager. I don’t think he will need or want the stress and he doesn’t have a strong and forceful personality.

      1. You don’t remain a premier player in a top professional football league while pushing 40 unless you have a strong and forceful personality.

  2. Potentially a future manager for Utd but just like everyone else he needs to prove he can do the job. Lots of great players make crap managers just ask Roy Keane.

  3. I think Giggs deserves to be a Man U coach looking at what he has offered at old Trafford. It will be great seeing Giggs coaching Manchester united He is a right person.

  4. I think Giggs can be the best assistant coach to mayors, because Giggs has stayed with the big man Mr Ferguson for a long time and he knows the choice of Alex Ferguson let him be a coach.He assist Mayors to choose players.

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