Newcastle United Prepare Shock Bid for Wayne Rooney: The Daily EPL

Newcastle United are preparing a shock bid for Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, according to a report on the website of Newcastle’s owner, Sports Direct.

Here’s what a source close to the negotiations has said:

“Newcastle see Wayne as their ideal player. He’s a strong centre-forward, would relate to the fans and would be a massive boost to the club’s brand name.

“Low-level conversations have already been held between Newcastle and Rooney’s agent, though the two clubs haven’t spoken directly yet.”

When Rooney was at Everton, Newcastle United tried to buy the striker who decided to snub Newcastle for Manchester United instead. Now it could be a perfect opportunity for Rooney to head to the north east where he’d be welcomed by the supporters, and would make a big impact on the Newcastle side for next season.

What do you think? Can Newcastle United afford Rooney? And even if they could, could Rooney be a success on Tyneside? Or do you think he’s better off making up with Manchester United and staying with the champions? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

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33 thoughts on “Newcastle United Prepare Shock Bid for Wayne Rooney: The Daily EPL”

  1. I can’t see him signing for a side where he wouldn’t get to play in the champions league, much less a side that was close to being relegated. I’m sure Newcastle would love him, but I don’t think that it would be a good career move for Rooney. Especially if he one day hopes to play for a different top side like Bayern. If he did go to Newcastle, I think it will be his first step on the path to irrelevancy.

    1. But if not Newcastle, where else would he go? And who would bother taking him — given his high wage demands and temperamental behavior?

      The Gaffer

        1. Bayern Munich is one that isn’t interested. What top clubs would want him that could afford him? I don’t see him fitting in at Real Madrid, Barcelona or PSG. Maybe Serie A, but again, can they afford his wage demands?

          The Gaffer

        2. Shrek’s best days are behind him.overpaid out of shape with no work ethic never took care of his body in the off a top 4 team from any major league that would want him.

      1. Oh I agree with you. I don’t think he has many options. I think he needs to stay right where he is. United seem determined to keep him (at least they did under Fergie) and he is playing for a top European club. I am not saying that I think he won’t go to a team like Newcastle, but I think if he chooses to leave instead of staying at United that he will not do well. Especially in his current form, not to mention probably feeling dissatisfied not competing in Europe.

  2. As a United fan, Newcastle are one of the few English clubs that I’d be okay with him signing for.

    I think it would be a huge splash, but their back line is so atrocious that I can’t help but wonder why they wouldn’t address that first. Santon shows good potential, but Krul saves their skin constantly, and all three of the remaining starters in their back four are severely lacking in quality.

  3. At this point in his career it’s what Wayne wants to do – does he want to keep bouncing around trying to keep CL status, or does he want to set down roots somewhere for the rest of his career and life. He’s only a year older than Shearer was when he signed with NUFC, and he stayed long enough to break records there. Of course, NUFC had just finished second when Shearer joined the club, as opposed to the situation now…

  4. Are all the people on here deluded? Wayne Rooney would never sign for Newcastle. Why in a million years would he do that? Go from the biggest club in the world to a relegation threatened team? He’ll either be at Bayern, Arsenal, or stay at United. This Newcastle stuff is a joke.

  5. Gaffer Any chance you can post the Rooney’s Transfer request which has been going thru the Twitter world onto the site?

  6. So Rooney wanted to leave Manchester United two years ago – “for their lack of ambition” but he will now join Newcastle for the meat pies?

  7. Sounds like a Mirror windup.

    The days of Newcastle as a landing strip for overpaid, overrated strikers are of the past.

    1. Except that it’s not the Mirror that’s reporting it. It’s Sports Direct, who are owned by Mike Ashley who owns Newcastle United.

      If it wasn’t Newcastle reporting it, I’d find it highly unlikely but…

      The Gaffer

      1. Sounds like what most clubs do… Throw out big names to keep the base happy. NUFC where going after Carroll. He is now in talks to make his loan permanent at WHU, so they need to flash out targets.
        Wayne, wouldn’t mesh with Pardew, both have very similar character flaws. Then again Pardew could be gone by next season.

  8. This rumor has already been shot down by Newcastle and Rooney’s agents. In fact it was denied by 9:30 EST this morning. Lee Ryder, the head NUFC beat writer for the Evening Chronicle said such on his twitter feed.

    1. Even if Sports Direct apologized for writing the story, it doesn’t change the fact that someone within Sports Direct (who own Newcastle United) was trying to stir up some trouble.

      The Gaffer

  9. This will be the number one topic for the summer until 1)He signs a contract with another team or 2)The transfer window closes.

    As the Gaffer said, where will he go? His wages are astronomical and very few teams are able to pay them and many of those able to pay don’t want him (i.e. Bayern or PSG). Many out there are also saying that he probably won’t even want to leave England which really narrows the field to either City or Chelsea. I don’t know where he would really play at either club unless those clubs are willing to let go of other strikers.

    The only reason he’s upset at United is that he’s no longer the number one striker and doesn’t want to play any other position. With Kagawa there the CAM position is covered and he’s left with a deeper midfield role. Playing at any other club means that he is basically in the same place as he is at United.

    As the cliche goes… the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

  10. some daft Geordie will still have bought a shirt with Rooney 10 on the back, or had his face tattooed on their thigh.

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