Manuel Pellegrini Looks Set to Join Manchester City in Two-Year Deal Beginning July 1

Manuel Pellegrini is free to leave Malaga on July 1 and to become Manchester City manager without having to pay the Spanish side a penalty clause, according to a report in the Spanish media today.

For cash-strapped Malaga, Pellegrini’s departure on July 1 means that the club won’t have to pay his hefty salary. At the same time, Pellegrini won’t have to pay his penalty clause to break his contract.

That paves the way for Manchester City to scoop Pellegrini away from Spain, to manage their club as a replacement for sacked manager Roberto Mancini.

Meanwhile, Manchester City are still interested in signing attacking-midfielder Isco from Malaga. The club would reportedly like to sign him on a four-year deal.

9 thoughts on “Manuel Pellegrini Looks Set to Join Manchester City in Two-Year Deal Beginning July 1”

  1. Two year deal they must have high expectations for him. Haven’t they learned anything from the circus that is. Chelsea FC

      1. You sure the tunnel isn’t going to lead right to Rafa’s car at the end of the Everton match on Sunday?

        1. I don’t think so. Benitez is in no rush to leave, and Chelsea don’t have Mourinho lined up to take over yet, so they may as well employ Benitez through until the end of May.

          The Gaffer

  2. A 2 year deal is what a long term contract is these days. No pressure. Just the treble in year 1 and then add the world club cup in year 2. And he’ll probably blow $200 million in the process.

  3. Don’t think I’ve ever heard of a manager signing a two year contact. A two year extension yes but never for a new appointment. I’d love to know what city fans think about it.

  4. I’ve watched Pellegrini for a long time, going back to his River Plate days, and always liked him but I get the feeling this will end poorly. The expectations are ridiculously high and he has never worked or managed in England. He might have a firm grasp of the language, he might not.

    I know there are plenty of exceptions but this isn’t a job where he will be given time to find himself and the squead. The grace period will be 2 or 3 matches.

  5. Looks like the next stage of the City project is about to take shape. Mancini may have set the foundations for winning, but Pellegrini is coming in to install a Spanish philosophy. I believe that the Barca guys in charge (Ferran Soriano & Txixi Begiristain) are completely running the show and want one of their guys in manager. It will be very interesting to see how the squad changes this off season. I can nearly guarantee City are going to have a very different look come August.

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