John Terry Wears Chelsea Kit And Steals Limelight In Europa League Win: The Nightly EPL

Despite all of the credit that Chelsea — their footballers and manager — deserve after Wednesday night’s triumphant win in the UEFA Europa League, John Terry stole many of the headlines by lifting the trophy alongside Frank Lampard.

That Terry decided to lift the trophy with Lampard wasn’t the main issue. Before the game, it was publicly announced that if Chelsea won the game that Lampard and Terry would lift the cup even though Terry was suffering from an injury.

However, the main criticism Terry received was on social media, where people were outraged that Terry disrobed from his tracksuit to reveal his Chelsea kit underneath, as if he had played in the game. And second, Terry was criticized because even though he shared the emotional moment of lifting the trophy with Lampard, viewers were clearly able to see Terry but Lampard — the star of the night in many ways — was practically hidden by the other players who were trying to get their hands on the silverware.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Are you outraged? Should Terry have walked up to share the trophy but wore a suit like Eden Hazard did? Or did John Terry deserve to be up there with his teammates wearing the blue and white kit of Chelsea FC? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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41 thoughts on “John Terry Wears Chelsea Kit And Steals Limelight In Europa League Win: The Nightly EPL”

    1. This is a truly great story and all


      but why no one is citing the stated UEFA policy that “any player who wishes to lift the trophy must be wearing a full kit.” is beyond me. The Daily Mail mentions it, but buried it in their article on the matter.

      I’m a West Ham fan and, while I have NO love lost for John Terry, find the witch hunt over the last years against him tedious and vile. A game was actually played today, and a damned entertaining one. Yet the English media would have us gossiping like a bunch of 13 year old girls about what John Terry is wearing… FFS

      1. i guess your screed might need some correcting.if your old enough Roy Keane did not change out of his suit when United won the CL in 99.but then to compare terry to Keane is not fair because terry could not carry Keane’ i said before just go away.

    2. You can see all of them over on the left side in the “images” gallery.

      And for some completely inexplicable reason, I would say a full 60% of people who make it onto this are in some sort of Liverpool kit. I’d put it down to the guy running FKW being an Everton fan, but he seems not to be. Guy seems to have a particular animus against Chelsea if anything.

  1. He did the exact same thing at the Champions League final last year vs Bayern Munich- this is JT standard practice

  2. I could understand, and even sympathize a little, with his actions last year. After slipping in Moscow and missing that final, I didn’t think it was out of line for him to pull on a shirt and raise it with Lampard.

    This time it certainly isn’t the case. I hope they’ll find a way to sell him.

  3. What’s the issue wth JT’s kit… Didn’t Rooney have a match day kit when he got his medal?

    Non issue

    Congrats to the blues


  4. Chelsea players, Manager and fans knew that that if Chelsea won the Europa Cup JT would pick up the Cup with FL, together, but that’s what’s makes a team like Chelsea so successful, they play as a team, and JT isn’t just part of that team, he’s their leader.

  5. He put a kit on, two years in a row, after not playing. His talent is world class but he is a dumbass with no class.

  6. Suit would have been correct.
    Seems like the kid who didn’t get in the game, and the rolled in the mud on the way home for appearance sake…..

  7. If it was American football and the starting QB was injured and didn’t play, but then put his pads & helmet on for the celebration — the guy would have to make a public apology for such idiocy. Apply the same situation to basketball since the kits are the same: it would be the lead story over the result of the game.

  8. Typical English media.This just the normal….once other players agree to it then its nobody’s business how they go about it.

  9. WOW, are people really that naive to think John Terry had any sort of class left in him… i’m sorry but you’ve been standing on the edge of a cliff if you have. smh

  10. Of course he can lift the trophy, he is the captain of the club for gods sake! And why in the hell not is Terry allowed to wear the kit? He is showing his passion for the club. Just because he didnt play doesnt mean he was any less deserving of lifting the trophy, he played in a few previous games in the europa league. We might not of been there without him!

  11. This is why I kinda like JT. Of course, I could do without the racism and I wouldn’t want him on my club, but how is it not fun to have a constantly smoldering dumpster fire burning at a rival club?

  12. To be fair, If Chelsea had lost to a last minute goal, JT would have sat on the pitch in full kit with his head in his hands crying like a baby with his team mates.

  13. JT is Chelsea Club Captain.
    UEFA rules state the kit has to be warn by anyone receiving the trophy.

    So this story is that Club Captain received trophy whilst obeying UEFA rules. Big wow.

  14. As much as I loathe Terry one cannot bemoan his wanting to lift the trophy. It’s his right. It is also a UEFA rule that they instituted recently that any player that wants to lift the trophy has to be in their team’s kit. Rooney did the same thing on Sunday.


  15. It’s John Terry. When it comes to the thoroughness of his narcissism, nothing surprises me.

    He’s the reason why the term “bell end” exists.


  16. I’m glad Terry wore the kit and wish all the players who contributed to the Europa campaign would have done the same thing! It was a team effort to get there and they all deserved to share the kit.

  17. Kind of funny how that pic is the one people keep using because I saw the ones on the EPL’s offical Facebook page and they had some shots where you can clearly see both Frank and JT holding up the Cup in the stands together.

  18. Have none of you seen injured College football players wear there jersey’s on the sidelines during games even during title games. But I do think going the whole 9 yards with shorts and socks is a bit much. If he wanted to wear his jersey he should have worn it with track pants.

    1. This would have been exactly OK. Jeans or Pants with his top. But shorts, socks, and boots makes it comical.

  19. I just won a tourney final on FIFA 13 – didn’t play JT the whole match – but there he was at the end – full kit and all – ripping the cup away from Frankie… stealing’ all that glory.


    I heard in Amsterdam he tried to put his daughter in the cup and carry her around the pitch right after the video feed was cut.

    Haa… We may never know.


  20. As a Chelsea supporter, I’m glad JT was up there. He is, after all, the captain.

    This is a situation where supporters of other clubs really shouldn’t have an opinion.

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