Chelsea Win UEFA Europa League Final After Stoppage Time Header By Branislav Ivanovic [VIDEO]

Chelsea were crowned Champions of Europe once again, this time as winners of the 2012-13 Europa League.

The Blues defeated Benfica 2-1 in regulation time after a stoppage-time header by Branislav Ivanovic that sailed into the back of the net.

Chelsea now have the distinct honor of currently holding the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League trophies at the same time. Chelsea also join an elite group of European clubs who have won all three European trophies — with the third being the European Cup Winners Cup.

John Terry, who was injured and unable to play in the final, lifted the trophy alongside captain-for-the-match Frank Lampard in front of a packed crowd in Amsterdam.

In a match where Benfica were, by far, the better team, the Portugese side were knocked back in the 60th minute when Fernando Torres scored from inside the six-yard area. Oscar Cardozo equalized in the 68th minute, until Ivanovic’s late winner. On both of Chelsea’s goals, Juan Mata made the assist, capping a brilliant season for the Spaniard and an equally impressive one from the Spanish manager, Benitez.

Chelsea now has one match left this season, against Everton on Sunday where a draw will be enough to cement third place in the league.

Congratulations to Chelsea, the footballers and to Rafael Benitez. A job well done.

BEN 1-2 CHE by lennahcadri

8 thoughts on “Chelsea Win UEFA Europa League Final After Stoppage Time Header By Branislav Ivanovic [VIDEO]”

  1. Maybe Lampard should have waited till the end of the final to sign a new contract becuause of the the way he played, could have scored two scorches, he could have got a 2- or 3-year contract instead of 1.

    I wonder if the Chelsea fans will ever give credit to Rafa Benitez for the season they have had since he came in? Say what you will about him but he is a winner.

  2. On tonight’s Europa League win:

    Frank Lampard: “Nobody deserved this more than the manager. He’s been top class”.

    Chelsea fan celebrates win by singing on BBC5Live: “We don’t care about Rafa”.

    No wonder Chelsea fans are ridiculed and called the plastics. No class.

    1. In fairness, it seems like the match-going fans in the UK have been the most vehement anti-Rafa group. And the more “plastic” people who showed up to collect trophies are less so.

  3. So the manager Chelsea fans hate wins them a European cup while only on the job for a few months while the “great one” they love couldn’t do it in 4 seasons. What irony.

  4. yup!! chelsea is a great club and it could have scored more unfortunately the boys missed some open chances…:)

  5. Benfica did not deserve to lose. They outplayed Chelsea and should have won but their finish was poor.

    It’s interesting that so many Chelsea fans think Rafa was lucky and that Ivanovich baled him out. Yet, when Chelsea won the champions league after being outplayed by both Barcelona and Bayern they praised Di Mateo. Chelsea fans aren’t the most educated. They deserve the plastics tag.

    You have to feel for Benfica. This is the 7th cup final in a row that they have lost. They must think there’s some type of curse on them.

    I cannot believe why no EPL team is after Oscar Cardozo, the Paraguayan striker. He is terrific.

  6. Really, the game was hot from both team. Victory come from God i.e to say Chelsea fc congratulation, happy celebration. Branislav Ivanovic 3 gbosa to you.

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