Roberto Mancini ‘Arrogant and Vain’ Says Former Manchester City Kitman: The Daily EPL

Sacked Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has been labeled as “arrogant, vain, self-centered, [having] no manners [and] ignorant” by the club’s ex-kitman.

Stephen Aziz, who is now the kitman at Sunderland, added “Not my style to come in here and start to bad mouth someone but this guy was really a piece of work!!! Fans don’t get to see what really goes on and day 2 day running 2 years there seeing him every day was hard work getting a ‘good morning.'”

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7 thoughts on “Roberto Mancini ‘Arrogant and Vain’ Says Former Manchester City Kitman: The Daily EPL”

  1. “Not my style to come in here and start to bad mouth someone but”….let me do just that!

    I don’t care for Mancini and what this guy says sounds like it could be true. I just find it amusing when someone starts out by saying they don’t normally do what they are about to do.

    Why do people even feel the need to say anything. The public can usually see these guys for what they really are.

  2. The word former may give his opinion away? I met Mancini and two separate occasions and he was nothing of the sort in fact I spoke to him he was at dinner and he signed autographs and had pictures took with my daughter. This chap seems to have wanted him as a pal not a boss ‘hard to get a good morning’ he said probably why he’s not there anymore

  3. It doesn’t matter if someone is arrogant or vain as long as they can get the job done. Mourinho, Fergie and the other top managers are no saints and can be just as arrogant. It’s the results that matter to owners and fans.

    City fired Mancini because they felt he had not improved the team’s performances and that he was taking them in a direction they did not like. He made lots of mistakes this season with tactics and lineups that cost City dearly. One should also not forget that City won the title last season mostly because United bottled it in the last few games and that if it had not been for that last minute goal by Aguero City would not have been champions.

    1. It doesn’t matter how you win a title. It’s that you win it. Over a 38 game season, City was the best team last year. It’s silly to look at it in terms of “they were lucky.”

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