Arsenal’s Game Against Newcastle Will Be Televised Live On ESPN2: The Race For Fourth

With Arsenal’s impressive 4-1 home victory against Wigan Athletic today, the Gunners are just one match away from guaranteeing a spot in the UEFA Champions League next season. For viewers in the United States, the match between Newcastle and Arsenal will be shown live on Sunday at 11am on ESPN2 and WatchESPN.

While Arsenal will need to win on Sunday to qualify for the UEFA Champions League, a draw will be enough if Spurs draw their game. Or even a Gunners defeat will be enough if Tottenham lose their match.

Meanwhile on FOX Soccer, that network will be showing Tottenham Hotspur versus Sunderland.

On the final day of the season this year, FOX will televise their games at 11am ET on Sunday on FOX Soccer, FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Sports Net, and the remainder on FOX Soccer 2Go.

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31 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Game Against Newcastle Will Be Televised Live On ESPN2: The Race For Fourth”

  1. It might be better than 4th if Everton can draw at Chelsea and Arsenal beat Newcastle by 2 goals, then Arsenal would pip Chelsea by one extra goal difference ( cf 36:35) and identical points viz 73.

  2. Any idea whose televising Chelsea-Everton as that game is also important because if Arsenal win and Chelsea draw then goal difference will determine 3rd and 4th and a playoff may be necessary if both teams end up with the same goals scored, conceded and goal difference. If I’m not mistaken, a 0-0 draw for Chelsea and a 2-1 win for Arsenal may result in a playoff situation. Wouldn’t that be great?

      1. Couple of quick questions. Will Fox Soccer Plus continue after this season (not that Comcast offers it). Will we ever see Sky Sports News anymore when Fox Sports1 begins. Thanks a Lot.

        1. FOX hasn’t shared their plans for FOX Soccer Plus, but I don’t see it lasting past August. I don’t think we’ll see Sky Sports News on US TV anymore either. FOX is producing their own sports news programs that will appear on FOX Sports 1.

          The Gaffer

    1. Nope there won’t be a playoff, because Chelsea had the better hand in both games in the season.

      1. Ooops sorry guys, that is incorrect. Per Permier League Rules “if any 2 or more Clubs have scored the same number of
        points, have the same goal difference and have scored the same number of goals
        in League Matches in that Season they shall be deemed to occupy the same
        position in the table.”

        1. Yes, according to the rules of the FA the tie is broken with a playoff. Head to head doesn’t count.

          It really isn’t important in the league as to who finishes 3rd or 4th as the difference in money is only 500K (for these teams it’s not much)but it matters in the Champions League as the 3rd placed team goes directly into the group stage while 4th placed team has to play in the qualification round.

          1. Nope as per permier league rules, the same position would be shared. I quoted the rule above from the premier league handbook.

        2. A playoff is held at a neutral ground if relegation, title, or Euro spot is at stake. As Kyle wrote, CL position needs to be sorted. PL officials confirmed last night that the playoff tiebreaker will be applied if needed.

          1. Yup now they confirmed that, but I quoted from the premier league handbook what I said earlier, anyways hopefully Spurs would win it nd Arsenal would lose.

  3. Gaffer wouldn’t you call this line-up from FOX one last giant middle finger to the Premier League and soccer fans?

  4. Well, “Survival Sunday” is the biggest misnomer in the history of TV marketing! “The battle for 4th” would be more appropriate, with St. James’s on the iPad, and White Hart Lane on the big screen.

    Maybe NBC next year will be able to do what people have told me they do in the UK, which is show the two matches split screen on one channel. NBC should be able to do that with such an important end-of-season match.

    Pre-game lasagne for Spurs?

    1. Sunday will still be “Survival Sunday” for Arsene Wenger.

      Wenger must win and finish 4th in EPL in order for him to “survive” as manager of Arsenal FC for another season.

      Wonder what Piers Morgan thinks now, as he wants Wenger out of Arsenal.

  5. With so many dead rubbers, there is no reason for FOX to offer anything other than Chelsea v Everton on any outlet other than

    Logically, Chelsea v Everton should be on FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Sports Net, and

    However, logic doesn’t always prevail at FOX.

    One should NOT expect Everton to do much against Chelsea because Everton has nothing to play for.

    “Survival Sunday” is shaping up to be a giant non-event, with the sole exception of one Arsene Wenger, who must win in order to “survive”.

    1. You’re forgetting that there is some bad blood between Moyes and Benitez when Benitez called Everton a small club. I expect this to be a competitive game. Everton will play to win.

      Same for Arsenal against Newcastle. Pardew and Wenger hate one another so expect a competitive game especially in front of the Geordie faithful.

      Both these games will not disappoint.

      Spurs against Sunderland may be the only game that isn’t competitive and I expect Spurs to win easily.

        1. Newcastle have been humiliated in front of their home fans in recent games and I don’t expect them to rollover for Arsenal. Arsenal will come out to win and Newcastle will try to match that intensity. Expect a competitive game and the home fans might just urge their team to get a result. There are no easy games in the EPL.

          I actually expect Everton to beat Chelsea especially with Chelsea playing tomorrow. Chelsea have looked tired recently and without Hazard it will be a very tough game for them tomorrow, win or lose, and Everton will take advantage on Sunday.

  6. It’s been a few years since the last week of the Premier League has been “must miss” television…not even the relegation drama…move along, people: nothing to see here…

    Sunday morning should be a beautiful day to go to the beach, though!

    1. You guys must be relatively new to the EPL. The last day rarely disappoints regardless of form.

      The media will hype the 3 games of importance and give teams like Everton, Newcastle and even to some degree Sunderland something to play for. They would like nothing more than to act as spoilers and get some notoriety in the process.

      I predict the table will not end Chelsea, Arsenal, and Spurs in that order. Watch on Sunday.

    2. Ivan and Oliver, you’re nuts. Last season’s final day of the season was one of the most entertaining EVER. If you missed that by going to the beach, I question your love of the game.

      The Gaffer

      1. Last season was last season. Survival Sunday was interesting to a lot of people.

        This season is this season. Survival Sunday is only interesting if your name were “Arsene Wenger”, as he is the only person whose “survival” is at stake.

        1. All he needs is a win against a team that has nothing to play for. Even Newcastle’s manager joked that he couldn’t care less if they lost 4-0 to Arsenal.

          Wenger’s survival is almost assured for another season.

          The Gaffer

  7. An interesting observation. This Friday’s Copa del Ray final between Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid is being televised live at 3:30PM on ESPN. EPL games are on ESPN2.

  8. Gaffer,

    As of this morning Foxsoccer2go has not posted its EPL offerings for Saturday. Any chance they’ll put all 9 games live on the app with no blackouts? What have they got to lose at this point. For me I’m not sure I can wait until midnight eastern to see if Spurs get forth.

    1. There are no matches on Saturday. The final day of the season is Sunday, but the only one they have listed on their schedule so far is Spurs vs Sunderland which will be available at midnight ET. Sorry! All of the other matches (except Newcastle-Arsenal) should be available on FOX Soccer2Go live on Sunday.

      The Gaffer

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