More Incredible Footage From Watford’s 98th Minute Goal Against Leicester [VIDEO]

Yesterday we shared with you video footage of Watford’s incredible 98th minute goal against Leicester, which sent the Hornets to the Championship Playoff Final. They were incredible scenes because just seconds earlier, Leicester missed a penalty that would have sent them to Wembley. However, The Football League — in their “infinite” wisdom — decided to take down the videos from YouTube, although the one from Sky Sports remains.

But if you want to savor the moment again, or watch it for the first time, we’ve got our hands on two new clips of the goal. The first below is fan footage taken at Vicarage Road where you get a first-person perspective of what happened:

And the second is a radio commentary (synced with the video footage) from BBC 3CR’s Jon Marks.

If you haven’t watched these videos yet, and you have an ounce of soccer-supporting blood in your body (no matter which team you support), you have to watch these incredible videos.

Watch and share them now before The Football League take down these videos too!

H/T 101 Great Goals.

6 thoughts on “More Incredible Footage From Watford’s 98th Minute Goal Against Leicester [VIDEO]”

    1. It’s interesting you mention that. I was thinking the same thing myself when I watched the highlights. Crystal Palace’s Selhurst Park isn’t the most modern of grounds but at least they have stands on all four sides unlike Watford (who are doing renovations to Vicarage Road; looks like flats being added in the corners).

      The Gaffer

      1. “Crystal Palace’s Selhurst Park isn’t the most modern of grounds” That is perhaps the kindest it has ever been referred.

        It is a ß˙ˆ†hole… The inner hallways smell of death, the seats are cramped. And it just didn’t feel structurally safe.

        Vicarage Road’s Main Stand is part of the original stadium. Back in the day, you’d sit high up in the shed, it was loud, the players’ dressing rooms are beneath you, so is the substitutes bench and managers. That has been taken down as it was deemed unsafe. They have planned on building a new all seater, perhaps going up will sort that out. But the huge gap is that missing shed.

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