Manchester United Make Shock Move For Former Arsenal Captain Cesc Fabregas: The Daily EPL

Manchester United are prepared to make a huge signal of intent by signing Barcelona’s Cesc Fabregas as David Moyes’s first new player of the season, according to the Evening Standard newspaper.

United have reportedly been in contact with Barcelona regarding the fee for Fabregas. The Spanish midfielder joined Barcelona two years ago for £35 million, but Barcelona still owe Arsenal £5 million, and want to recoup at least £20 million for the talented former Arsenal captain.

It’s been reported that Arsenal put a clause in Fabregas’s contract when they sold him that the Gunners would have the first option to buy him back.

Manchester United see Fabregas as an ideal option to strengthen their midfield especially given the retirement of Paul Scholes.

What’s your opinion about Fabregas, and whether he would be a good fit at United where he would team up with former Arsenal footballer Robin van Persie? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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15 thoughts on “Manchester United Make Shock Move For Former Arsenal Captain Cesc Fabregas: The Daily EPL”

  1. Really? Weird. How does Fabregas address a need for United? They already have players kinda like him in Rooney and Kagawa.

  2. It makes sense with the successful connection Cesc had with RVP at Arsenal, but this move seems unlikely (or at least I want it to be unlikely).

  3. Seems unlikely to me, but he is a world class player, who has been underperforming for barca (by his standards). If united is going to throw cash at a former prem star, I would rather see CR7 pull on a Red Devils shirt again. He would be notedly more pricey, but much more reward, and possibly more likely. I wouldn’t be surprised to she cesc go back to arsenal though. That sounds more likely

  4. It wouldn’t necessarily be a bad signing. Paired with carrick in central midfield they would compliment each other nicely. Carrick playing the holding role with Fabergas being the box to box player we need.

    20m for a player who’s has proven EPL and champions league experience is a decent price but I don’t see this deal happening.

  5. I strongly belive if this deal come through with CR7 & two more to this utd term, C.Leauge will be sure next year/EPL.

  6. Anything Manchester utd can do to improve their midfield should be welcomed including a fantastic midfielder such as Fabregas. Carrick is getting on in years, cleverly has not proved that he will cut it as a MU player and it looks as though anderson is on his way out. I think any addition to the midfield area should be to the centre of midfield first. Although i dont see this transfer going ahead – probably all rumour.

  7. 20 million seems a bargain for Fabregas. At that price, any team would do well to get him. I’m sure Arsenal will match the 20 million but Fabregas may decide to go to United instead. Of course with Fergie gone it might not be that easy of a decision.

  8. 15mil is a better deal with 5mil going to Arsenal. Fabregas has a few years of wear n tear which is why he doesn’t start all the time and comes off the bench a lot. United Is good at managing old timers but that was Fergie, not sure how Moyes will do.

  9. Anyone that thinks Fabregas would choose Utd over Arsenal are deranged, if he comes back to prem and its not at Arsenal, it will only be because Arsenal don’t want him.

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