Brighton vs Crystal Palace, Championship Playoff Semi-Final 2nd Leg: Open Thread

It’s going to be an almost impossible task for today’s Brighton against Crystal Palace match to come anywhere close to the incredible ending of the Watford-Leicester game, but even if it can be half as thrilling as yesterday’s match, it’ll be a must-see to determine who will play in the Championship Playoff Final against Watford next week.

For viewers in the United States, the match kicks off at 2:45pm ET on beIN SPORT. With the first leg of the match at Selhurst Park in London ending nil-nil, Brighton and Hove Albion have the slight advantage going into this game with the match at their home American Express Community Stadium.

Crystal Palace will miss Glenn Murray, who sustained an injury in Friday’s first leg. That means we could see manager Ian Holloway giving former Premier League veteran Kevin Phillips the start instead of Murray.

On manager Gus Poyet’s team, there are no new injury concerns for Brighton.

Join the conversation before, during and after the match in the comments section below. Which of the two teams would you like to see play Watford in the final? Let us know.

11 thoughts on “Brighton vs Crystal Palace, Championship Playoff Semi-Final 2nd Leg: Open Thread”

  1. Very cagey firt half with no goals. Let’s hhope the 2nd half produces soemthing worthwhile. One goal could seal it for either team.

    1. I agree.

      Brighton have been very frustrating to watch in the first half. It’s almost as if they’ve on a re-run throughout the entire first 45 minutes. When they go forward, they keep on crossing the ball into the Crystal Palace box, and the Palace defenders keep on kicking the ball away. It’s not working for Brighton so far. And the only way it will is if they get lucky or Palace make a silly mistake.

      At this rate, I’m going with Palace to win this one.

      The Gaffer

  2. The Hornets (Watford) might be moving up but they’ll come right back down. Their dodgy loans have led to them being banned from participating in the transfer market till January 2014. I like Zola but the way they have gone about getting in loaned players has been shocking, using loopholes and going against the spirit of the law. I don’t see them surviving in the EPL with the players they have.

    With Palace you get Holloway who will keep things entertaining. Him and Mourinho would be classic theater.

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