Premier League Gameweek 37 Match Highlights [VIDEO]

What an incredible weekend of matches in the Premier League for many different reasons. It’s certainly one of the most memorable in a long time, for me at least.

Here are the match highlights from gameweek 37 of the Premier League:

Aston Villa vs Chelsea

Stoke City vs Tottenham Hotspur

Everton vs West Ham United

Fulham vs Liverpool

Norwich vs West Bromwich Albion

Queens Park Rangers vs Newcastle United

Sunderland vs Southampton

Manchester United vs Swansea City

2 thoughts on “Premier League Gameweek 37 Match Highlights [VIDEO]”

  1. Hi. Thanks for this great recap. Btw- I think there is something wrong with sound of the Stoke vs. Tottenham.

    What a crazy fist goal of Tottenham ah? Def a fun match. What was your favorite game this week?

    1. You’re welcome. My favorite from last weekend was Manchester United vs Swansea (but I’m a Swansea fan, so I’m biased).

      The Gaffer

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