Manuel Pellegrini is Next Best Thing for Manchester City After Pep Guardiola: The Nightly EPL

Well-respected journalist Sid Lowe of The Guardian writes in his column tonight that Manuel Pellegrini would be the next best thing for Manchester City after Pep Guardiola.

With Guardiola taking over at Bayern Munich this summer, and Malaga manager Pellegrini looking to leave the Spanish side, everything is coming together nicely for Manchester City’s hierarchy who remain silent regarding manager Roberto Mancini’s future.

Read the article below to find out why Lowe thinks Pellegrini is such a wise choice.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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13 thoughts on “Manuel Pellegrini is Next Best Thing for Manchester City After Pep Guardiola: The Nightly EPL”

      1. he spent 210mil for CR7 Kaka Bezema and Alonso and they lost to a 3rd tier side in Spanish Cup lost to Lyon in rd of 16 in tell me what he won at RM.

    1. I don’t know. When the Pelligrini rumors started I felt the same way – what the hell has he ever won, etc?

      But I have read a lot about him for a few weeks and must admit I am impressed. I would certainly rather have him than any of the other names that are being thrown about. (Assuming Mourinho is off the table, but then again I wonder if he is a bit overrated.)

      Txiki and Soriano are in charge. It is their club to run. If they think Pelligrini is their guy to work with it is their decision to make. They know infinity more about football than I do so who am I to question them?

      I just know I’ll do what I always do. Support the club, hope for the best, but always realize that there is no point getting too upset about things beyond one’s control.

      1. Marc L
        well said nothing to add that is why your in the fan column and not the fanatic you i hope it works out.

  1. The funny thing is that probably 80% of City supporters say “who the F- is Pelligrini, shabby treatment of Bob, oh woe are us, the sky is falling.”

    But then I look at other Clubs’ forums and the consensus is holy &^%$ we’re in for it now. They will dominate with MP.

    I still think stability is what you want long term. And will always be grateful to Mancini for what he accomplished.

    Kind of a circus how everything played out, but maybe there are things going on that we don’t know about (reading in Guardian that Mancini just treated some lower-level employees of the Club just horrendously yesterday.)

    Never a dull moment! Managers come and go, unfortunately. With today’s culture the sainted and infallible one never would have got past that period he had in the late ’80’s with the rags before he won anything. Older Blues tell me stories about how the rag fans would sing “Fergie Out!” and the City fans would respond “Fergie must stay!”

    How’d that work out for us?

    Not that Bob is equivalent to Sir Baconface. No, obviously not. But it is unfortunate that in today’s culture you may never see a young manager get the latitude to grow into a job and become a legend. I think we all lose something as football fans because of that.

    1. Marc L
      Fergie never would have become SAF in today’s culture of twitter internet big money and 24 hr sports news. A lot of fans don’t know the first yrs were not good.

  2. he hasn’t won anything lol even with 200 mill worth of players ronaldo kaka xabi alonso and he couldn’t even win copa del rey lol city should be embarrassed of how they let all they drama on eve of fa cup final man utd , arsenal, barca ,milan ,juve ,byern top club like that wuldnt let things like this go in there club no class for city top officials lol and they want to copy style of the barcalona way lol hahhahaha wow

    1. What about trappatoni (can’t remember how it’s spelt) rant and dismissal at Bayern? Bayern Munich chairman interrogated for tax evasion? Rijkard dismissal at Barcelona? Milan owned by a corrupt mafia? Juventus stripped of title for referee briberies? We can dig into the pass and find so many black holes into your classy clubs. Then again prick Peter is the type basis his detailed info from the likes of daily fail.

  3. If you listen to Andy Goldstein’s Sports Bar on Talksport you hear a sprinkling of these journalists every week and their speculations are almost always wrong.

  4. Hard to believe if Mankini gets the sack four of the top six teams will have new managers next season.

    Next season will be closer than ever with Utd, Chelsea, spurs, city and Arsenal all actually having a legitimate shot at winning the league.

    I know we always say any if those teams can win it each season but deep down we know only 2-3 of them actually have a realistic chance, that’s about to change I think.

      1. I agree with a couple of players Arsenal could easily be the team to beat especially if they get more consistency, same with spurs.

        With utd, Chelsea and possibly city all having new manager the gap between the top teams will be smaller than ever.

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