Anticipation Building for Manchester City-Chelsea Friendly In New York

The suspense for the two Manchester City-Chelsea friendlies, where the Premier League clubs will play each other twice in the United States after this season ends, is increasing substantially especially since the games may feature a brand-new City manager (if reports of Roberto Mancini getting sacked this week are true). And, if Chelsea are able to be crowned Europa League champions on Wednesday when they play Benfica in Amsterdam.

Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of interest in tickets to the Manchester City against Chelsea game on Saturday, May 25 where the two teams will face each other at Yankee Stadium. And on a day where there are strong reports that Manchester City may announce that their owner will launch the 20th MLS franchise, New York City FC.

Last but not least, May 25 is also the same date of the 2012-13 UEFA Champions League Final between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich that will be played at London’s Wembley Stadium.

Taking everything into consideration, the next best place to be on May 25th other than Wembley Stadium is Yankee Stadium in New York City. The event organizers have scheduled a special day for soccer fans where they’ll be televising the UEFA Champions League Final live on a 59-foot-high by 101-foot-long HD centerfield video board at Yankee Stadium.

The pre-game coverage begins at 2pm ET, which will be followed by the kick-off at 2:45pm. Then when the UEFA Champions League Viewing Party is over, the match between Manchester City and Chelsea will kick off at 5:30pm ET on the pitch at Yankee Stadium.

All tickets for the May 25 event include both the viewing party and the live match. Gates will open at 2:00 p.m. Fans should note that if the televised match runs into extra time and/or penalties, the start time of the Manchester City-Chelsea match will be no earlier than 15 minutes following the conclusion of the UEFA Champions League Final.

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31 thoughts on “Anticipation Building for Manchester City-Chelsea Friendly In New York”

    1. Ah, if it was Manchester United playing in New York, you may be singing a different tune!

      Plus several of the players have international friendlies for their respective countries just 7-10 days after this match, so they won’t be focused on vacations. Many of them will be focused on staying on top of their game for their national teams.

      The Gaffer

      1. LOL, actually not really, I don’t care much about friendlies, I do watch them don’t get me wrong, but I don’t get too excited about them.

        If it was in California I would attend the game but I won’t be too excited about it. Having seen United at Old Trafford a bunch of times, Seeing in person those last minute goals go in, that’s excitment.

  1. If Robert Di matteo is given the command of man city after mancini it would be all the more interesting to watch

  2. Still not a fan of this so called ‘friendlies’ These guys are exhausted. They have played over 50 games this season. Look at Hazard, already injured…

  3. This friendly is the epitome of unnecessary. After a grueling season, clubs are expecting players to travel half way across the world to play for what exactly. Greed is killing football.

    1. For getting paid over 150k a week, I don’t really care how much they travel.
      I’m sure people do far more “grueling” things for far less money.

  4. Eh, not incredibly jazzed over this. I try to go back to England to see actual League matches every year, so I don’t know – might feel differently if I never got to see the club in person.

    I will certainly go see a US friendly involving any club (except one, of course) if it is relatively close to me.

    For example, a ten minute drive to go sit directly behind the Stoke bench this July 27th. Where I will be singing:

    “He WEARS the club shop!”
    “He WEARS the club shop!”
    “TO-NY PU-LIS!”
    “He wears the club shop!”

    1. Marc L
      never would have guessed you call the Lone Star State Home.Is Guy going to make it out for the friendly? I think he would be fun to watch a match with maybe more fun with the post match.

    2. It might be ‘Just a fat Spanish waiter’ Marc (crosses fingers and hopes/sells soul to the devil/promises to give up Guiness for lent).

  5. Maybe I’m missing something… But why the heck is Chelsea playing two matches at the end of a season where they played a record number of matches???? Money is nice, but would seem that neither of these clubs needs the cash.

    and why would I pay 200 bucks for a crap seat in a baseball park to see what has to be reserves. I guess if it was my club I’d be excited, but as a 3rd party… I don’t get it.

  6. I just don’t understand the point of this game or why The Gaffer thinks it’s important. All friendlies are irrelevant to the fan ( I did not attend or watch any of the Man Utd games here) and this one, coming at the end of the season, is even worse.

    1. Tony, I completely disagree and so too do all of the hundreds of people who have watched summer friendlies in the US each summer for the past couple of years. Most of us experience the Premier League through television, so for an opportunity to see one of these clubs in person, it’s a rare chance.

      I went to Chelsea against AC Milan in Miami last summer, and loved it (I paid for my own tickets, in case anyone is wondering).

      The Gaffer

      1. Perhaps if you haven’t had the chance to see “real” games then this is true but I find it sad that people, who perhaps don’t know better, don’t understand how meaningless these games are.

        1. The final result of these games are meaningless, but the friendlies give fans a chance to (1) see their team in person, (2) show their pride in their team by wearing their club colors, (3) see a match in person and (4) give them something that they can’t experience on TV.

          People know that the games are meaningless in terms of results. But it’s the sense of occasion and an opportunity that is, for many, too good to pass up.

          The Gaffer

  7. I’ll be there for this match and I’m as excited as can be. I don’t understand all the negativity in the comments. Anyone who is going knows this is a friendly match and honestly I think of it as a ‘thank you’ to the American supporters.

    1. To be fair, a few of the comments are from Manchester United supporters (hence the animosity to anything Manchester City-related).

      The Gaffer

      1. Come on Gaffer that’s complete BS. The negativity is around the fact it’s a friendly match. No friendly match EVER has any meaning. If there’s nothing on the line you don’t get a real game.

        1. I hear you, but I disagree. If it was Manchester United playing Chelsea in your backyard, you might think differently.

          The Gaffer

  8. It’s the biggest day of the year for Soccer and they’re scheduling a friendly the same day. Could you imaging the NFL scheduling an exhibition in London on Super Bowl Sunday?

  9. I’d like to see a serious tournament made up of U21/ development squads during the summer played out across a different region each year. It’d give the youngsters a chance to shine and push for a first team chance whilst giving fans a glimpse of the next generation.

    1. I don’t know the answer but I’d really like to find a way to get some “real” games over here. The World Cup was great. I was never against the 39th game proposal but even that wouldn’t guarantee really meaningful games. As I said I don’t have an answer but when a potential fan goes to a game like this and comes away disappointed you can understand why they don’t latch onto soccer.

  10. will john guidetti ACTUALLY get a chance to play in NY? that’s what i’m hoping for.

    meaningless sure. but i don’t consider it that grueling to play these given the size of both of these clubs. they both have lots of players that sparingly/never play. i hate that chelsea could possibly play arsenal the day after though, meaning they will be weakened.

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