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Wigan 1-0 Manchester City; Ben Watson Scores Gamewinner: Highlights [VIDEO]

ben watson Wigan 1 0 Manchester City; Ben Watson Scores Gamewinner: Highlights [VIDEO]

In one of the greatest upsets in FA Cup Final history, Wigan Athletic’s Ben Watson will go down in the history books as the goalscorer who headed the ball into the back of the net to beat Manchester City one-nil at London’s Wembley Stadium on May 11, 2013.

Here’s a video highlight of Ben Watson’s brilliant header:

And here are the complete match highlights:

With Gus Johnson commentating for FOX, Johnson makes an excellent call. Unfortunately it’s ruined by co-commentator Ian Wright giggling.

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21 Responses to Wigan 1-0 Manchester City; Ben Watson Scores Gamewinner: Highlights [VIDEO]

  1. Pete says:

    Unfortunately, no sound.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Now updated to include the highlight of the goal as announced by Gus Johnson.

      The Gaffer

      • Pete says:

        Oh no.

        • Earl Reed says:

          Obviously nobody can ever deviate from the British cadence. Except for the entire continent of South America, and most of Central America. Warning: don’t ever listen to a Latin broadcast of anything football, lest your head will obviously explode.

          The ongoing hatred of Gus Johnson is funny as hell.

          • The Gaffer says:

            Earl, it’s funny because Gus has made so many mistakes, that he’s turned FOX Soccer into a laughing stock.

            The Gaffer

      • John Culea says:

        I have yet to hear Gus Johnson make an “excellent call.”
        With ten minutes to play and the score 0-0 he said, “A dramatic ending could be in store.” What?
        Did he expect a boring ending.
        He continually mispronounced Nasri’s last name, went back-and-forth with Dah-veed and David Silva, said that most of Wigan was in attendance (Wembley seats 86,000 and Wigan has a population of about 80,000), left sentences half-finished, and screa,ed that Robles “GOT A HAND ON IT!) when in fact the ball was stopped by his foot.
        Unfortunately, we have to be tortured by this incompetent, irritating mouth one more time for the Champions League final.

  2. Frank says:

    Well taken set piece straight from the training ground. Wigan played with purpose and they just wanted it more. I’ve never seen a Wiganteam where each and every player was fully concentrated and no one had a bad game. Kudos to Martinez for getting the best out of his players and getting his tactics right. McManaman absolutely ran Clichy ragged, in addition to anyone else in his way. The boy has talent and his stock has risen. I’m sure we’ll see him at a bigger club next season.

    Martinez took his chance on the big stage to show what a terrific manager he is. I think he too will be at a bigger club next season.

  3. Frank says:

    Just turned to WTIC in Hartford which is showing the delayed broadcast and the picture quality is horrible. It’s out of focus. Glad i watched it on Fox Deportes and even though it was in SD it was way better than Fox network. Too bad we will have to put up with this crap next season for the FA Cup. Fox will still be teevising it, I think. Maybe they won’t use Fox network but Fox Sports 1. Fingers crossed.

  4. Goatslookshifty says:

    Gus: “Dead legs…what does that mean?” Ian: “I Dunno”.
    Commentary at its finest!!
    Wrighty was laughing his arse off because I bet Gus lept out his seat sending his stat papers all over the place. Who knew Gus Johnson was a lifelong Wigan supporter?

  5. onasanya babatunde says:

    Congratulations to Wigan fc for their victory these evening,the team show the World that there no underdog in any league. Wigan fc show they can turn things around once more congratulations.

  6. Gerry Binks says:

    Gus is to football commentary as was Pol Pot to humanitarianism.

  7. Matt says:

    I actually love this call.

  8. EPLNFL says:

    So Gus Johnson beginning to please some people?

  9. Cantona says:

    If you like GusJohnson .. Then obviously he knows more about soccer than you do.

    Nuff said.


    • Earl Reed says:

      If you need to have some stuffy British dude tell you what’s happening in a game, then OBVIOUSLY Gus Johnson knows more than you about football.

      Grow up fellas.

      • San Franciscan says:

        Oh yeah, screaming BEN WAAATSOOON out loud is a person who knows football. I’m sure the old lady living next to me knows football more than Gus.

  10. Cantona says:

    So your the type of person that Fox is appealing to? Like I said you don’t know much about football


  11. christian says:

    Set pieces…the death of Manchester City this year. Ugh.

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