Manchester City vs Wigan Athletic, 2013 FA Cup Final: Open Thread

The 2012-13 FA Cup Final, one of the most prestigious days on the English football calendar, kicks off today live from Wembley Stadium in London.

The match features David versus Goliath. Wigan Athletic are in their first major final against a Manchester City side aiming to win a piece of silverware at the end of the season. Meanwhile, most of the talk going into the match surrounds the future of Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini. Last night, Spanish media were reporting that Manuel Pellegrini is set to replace Mancini.

Surprisingly, Roberto Mancini has decided to drop goalkeeper Costel Pantilimon to the bench, despite him playing every single FA Cup match this season. It was expected that he would start the match, so it’s quite a shock.

In Wigan team news, Antolin Alcaraz makes a return to the team after passing a late fitness test.

Manchester City starting XI: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany (c), Nastasic, Clichy, Yaya Toure, Barry, Nasri, Silva, Tevez, Aguero.

Wigan Athletic starting XI: Robles, Scharner, Alcaraz, McCarthy, Maloney, Gomez, McManaman, McArthur, Boyce, Espinoza, Kone.

For viewers in the United States, the match is being televised live on FOX (the free-to-air network, not FOX Soccer) at Noon ET, with the kick-off scheduled for 12:15pm ET. Gus Johnson and Ian Wright will commentate the match.

Join in the conversation before, during and after the match in the comments section below.

227 thoughts on “Manchester City vs Wigan Athletic, 2013 FA Cup Final: Open Thread”

  1. I love the tradition of Abide With Me be sung. I hope the tradition of it being sung is never done away with.I don’t care what anyone else says. Every time I hear this at an FA Cup Final, I can’t help, but think of the all of the men who died in the World Wars for Britain. Hopefully their sacrifice will never be forgotten.

      1. Of course. the history of the show means nothing to them. Instead we are seeing footage from an hour ago of the teams warming up to a half empty Wembley, while we are treated to a useless Vinnie Jones clip just SIX minutes before kick off.

          1. They didn’t show the players getting out of the tunnel. Horrible.

            This is the problem with Fox: they don’t understand history and the rituals, they are too busy talking about nonsense. Sometimes, less of them talking is better.

  2. City have their strongest team out there and Hart starts despite not playing in the other FA Cup games. Mancini wants to take no chances.

    Wigan have a good team out there too but Espinoza on the left might be a concern as he hasn’t played much and only started there since the last game when they lost to Swansea.

    Here’s hoping for a memorable final. We could use some FA Cup magic.

    1. Wigan’s defence can be scary bad at times. Hoping City don’t overwhelm them in the first half.

      The longer Wigan can hold out, maybe this will be a match.

    1. I can’t believe they decided to completely skip the anthem. Although, I can’t say I’m surprised, after all they still have Gus Johnson commentating despite his awfulness.

      1. They have to get as many ads as possible in before kick off. I really hate this. Why couldn’t they just have the match on FSC? It’s vital that I see ads for a local bbq restaurant here in central Texas rather than the sides coming out. Bloody losers.

        1. It was also poor timing for them to show the bit on Wimbledon’s 25th anniversary FA Cup win. That seems like something that could have been done earlier on, but of course FOX needs the advertising and couldn’t afford to start preview coverage any earlier than 15 minutes before kickoff.

  3. Our Fox in the Twin Cities keeps shrinking the screen to scroll a massive blue icon telling us Young Icons or whatever it was is not on until tomorrow ….hmmm

      1. I think they plan on doing this every time a new show should have been on. As we have now had a shrink screen for the 11.30 show. … how annoying.

  4. FOX completely f***-ed up the FA Cup Final coverage before the game even started:

    1) They didn’t show the teams being led out onto the pitch, which featured Dave Whelan leading out his Wigan team.

    2) They skipped ‘Abide With Me’ (well, they did show 1-2 seconds of it), and

    3) There was zero build-up. We needed less studio time (i.e. less talking heads). They should have brought us inside the stadium much sooner than 10 seconds before kick-off.

    The Gaffer

    1. Gaffer, what did you expect?

      I’m surprised they didn’t have the big Fox robot explain the difference between American football and football again….or did they?

    2. Well said Gaffer. Is there no one at Fox who understands the heritage and legacy of the FA Cup or is it just another football game?

      1. It’s a combination of things. 1) They have executives making decisions who are not soccer fans. 2) They don’t understand that the focus should be on “the game,” and prefer a talking-heads style.

        The Gaffer

    3. You got that right mate. It was a shambles as you can see from my above comments. They’ll never get it. They just don’t understand.

    4. I’m extremely tempted to just turn it off and not add to their numbers. Find a stream somewhere or just stick with talksport. not like i’m going to miss anything on fux.

    5. Should have watched Fox Deportes. Great coverage from before the anthem to players being led out by Whelan for Wigan and Mancini for City. Great coverage of what the FA Cup is really all about.

    6. Gaffer,

      can you let NBC Sports know that “less talking is sometimes better” so they do not to make the same mistakes at Fox ? I give up with Fox – they don’t understand a lot of thing, the tradition, history, stories behind things, etc.

      The problem with the pre-game shows are the personalities like talking too much. When they know their subject, that’s bearable, but when they don’t know things, it becomes horrible.

      1. Taylor, they read this blog, so they already know our thoughts on the matter. No worries.

        The Gaffer

  5. It’s taken a bit of work but I’m now listening to the BBC Radio 5 Live commentary which is being relayed by BBC World Service.

    Fox really know how to mess up a great event. No Abide With Me, No God Save the Queen and then Gus what’s his name….

    Bleedin’ Marvelous Fox

    Thanks so much

  6. OMG this comentator is so BAD he is screaming and to make things worse there seems to be some kind of delay between what he says and the play.. so his voice seems to be 1 second before the picture ? is this just me seeing this ?

  7. I’ve never heard a commentator overreact to anything like Johnson does. It’s truly maddening hearing those crazed screams of his.

    1. You guys don’t understand. The Fox executives have done research on what will draw Americans to soccer. And it’s a screaming commentator with catch phrases.

    1. And had a problem all match with Gareth “Bale” Barry.

      and had the entire match revolving around Kone A.

    1. Someone explain possession to him. And that McManaman should’ve scored or at least hit the target on his shot.

  8. Even though Wigan will probably lose today, they’ve started off very well against City. They need to make the most of their chances they’re creating in the first half. If they’re scoreless at half-time, I don’t think they’ll be able to pull off a shock win.

    The Gaffer

  9. Fox Deportes has the Martin Tyler commentary as the alternative language option for those who want to avoid Gus Johnson.

    1. YES. PLEASE.

      For something as historic as the FA Cup, I want a British voice, let alone an American who knows nothing about the game.

      BTW, I’m an American and just got into the FA Cup this year. Even I understand it should be called by a British announcer

    2. Yes, thankfully my provider offers Fox Deportes. A wonderful alternative having Martin Tyler call the match.

  10. At least you guys are lucky, your fox is showing the game. Fox in Indiana is showing some animal show. This is so frustrating.

  11. Ouch. Another mistake by Ian Wright, calling Manchester City “Manchester United.” Corrected by Gus.

    Then he follows it up with “Gareth Bale” instead of “Gareth Barry.”

    FOX’s tactic of making Gus Johnson look good is working with Ian Wright being so bad.

    Wright is a loose cannon.

    The Gaffer

    1. To be fair, he’s been having an incredible season ever since he was on fire in that Everton FA Cup game.

      He’s been Wigan’s best player in the second half of this season. He’s been fantastic again today.

      The Gaffer

  12. Gus says not to forget that Yaya Toure is ‘playing with dead legs’. then a few minutes later he asks Wright … ‘what does dead legs mean for football’ …

    Wright says that Man City look leggy .. Gus asks .. what does leggy mean ..

    1. He’s dumbing it down for the American audience who doesn’t watch soccer games. Unfortunately, he’s not commentating for us (hardcore soccer fans).

      The Gaffer

      1. I know I know – but whoever this fan is that will watch soccer just because Johnson is commentating is highly unlikely to learn anything about the sport and I would imagine even more unlikely to stay the full 90 minutes. This smacks of some mid level suit with a marketing degree whose bright idea got the nod from the suits above him who are as ignorant of the sport as Gus.

  13. On sunday Gus was asking Ian what he meant by ‘width’. Well today he just asked what a ‘dead leg’ meant in football…. oh Gus u are a clown!

  14. Most useless piece of information that Gus Johnson shared with us today:

    “Mariner was the fourth official in the 2011 FA Cup Final which featured Manchester City.”

    Who cares?? It’s another example of how distracting his commentating is, throwing out stupid facts that no one cares about.

    The Gaffer

  15. Gus Johnson, the goalkeeper’s name is JOEL ROBLES, not JOEL.

    If Joe Hart makes a save, are you going to say “Great save by Joe”?

    The Gaffer

      1. True, but Sergio Aguero’s shirt has “Kun Aguero” on the back, but you don’t hear commentators saying “KUN AGUEROOOOOOOO.”

        The Gaffer

  16. Seriously, I’m getting so sick of this first half commentary. They’ve made so many mistakes in the first 40 minutes that I could write a book about it.

    Here’s another example. Ian Wright this time:

    “”See, I’m happy to see Yaya Toure there” (when he was standing in his own half, beginning an attack for City).

    Why is that Ian Wright? Is that because you want Wigan to win? What happened to an unbiased commentary instead of pissing off one set of supporters.

    I could write an article about all of their mistakes, but by this point, Gus Johnson and Ian Wright are not worth the time and energy. FOX Sports should be embarrassed by this, but they don’t care.

    The Gaffer

    1. It’s amazing that a network continues to treat loyal fans like this. No one can say that they haven’t heard the negative comments about this commentary duo. It’s all over Twitter during and after every match they do.

      But it’s like you said, they don’t care.

      1. They don’t care, and from what I’ve heard, they’re paying Gus Johnson a very large contract, so they’re stuck with him.

        The Gaffer

      2. Just to make this point (even though it’s apparently falling on deaf ears at Fox), I’ve move from NC, SC, NY, to MD over the past three years because of my work. Three of the cities I have lived in didn’t offer Fox Soccer or Fox Soccer HD or Fox Soccer Plus. I was the dope who emailed the cable company and insisted they add the channel to their packages (like Fox Soccer requested).

        I’ve sent a handful of emails to Fox explaining this and letting them know I am unhappy with what is going on with their soccer commentating. I have only received the automatic responses from Fox.

        I don’t expect a personal reply from Fox. But that is what we are up against. They want you to demand their product to cable companies. But they don’t want to service their loyal customers.

        That’s business.

        1. Pete, I would recommend contacting FOX Sports instead of FOX Soccer. I have a feeling that FOX Soccer’s hands are tied, and that FOX Sports essentially forced them to use Gus Johnson whether they liked it or not. The person at FOX Sports that was responsible for Gus Johnson is Eric Shanks.

          The Gaffer

          1. I did, Gaffer. I just rushed that comment up there. I’m starting to get lightheaded from watching the match and refreshing your page. 😉

    2. I realized it is hard for Ian to provide unbiased commentary. He really needs to improve…. You need to provide commentary from a neutral point of view. Common!!

    3. And in a couple of days time these two idiots wil be commentating on the world’s biggest football game! unbelievable!

  17. So far, Wigan have duplicated their shape and effort from the last match at City. Hopefully there is no last minute heartbreak again.

  18. As my hero Clay Davis might say: weak-@&% &^%$!

    Not that I didn’t predict this one being a big problem in advance, but I thought I would be “bad matchup against Wigan’s style of play” rather than what this half was: being utterly limp and wank.

    Well, there is another. Hard to see how Bob survives if the Pie-eaters win. And if they win they well deserve it. Fair play to you guys in advance, Pie-eaters.

    Oh, and has Khaldoon Al-Mubarak been promoted to the rank of “Sheik?” C’mon now, City. Where was the story about this on the website?

    1. When the camera panned to the executive box, that was a classic example of (1) dead air from Gus Johnson; he didn’t know who it was, and (2) Ian Wright mistaking Khaldoon Al-Mubarak for Sheikh Mansour. Neither Johnson or Wright are fit to be in the commentary booth.

      The Gaffer

  19. There’s only been one really classic final in the last 20 years or so and that was in 06. This is another limp affair which shows how diluted the FA Cup Final is now. These buffoons on commentary and the shoddy coverage just makes it that much worse.

  20. All of us on here (and anyone who follows football) can agree Gus and Ian are a complete disaster. What I want to know is how the casual fan or non-fan who stumbles upon the game finds their commentating. I am pretty sure those are the people FOX is after by putting Gus on. But… I really can’t see what he brings that would make someone say, “Oh, wow, soccer is actually pretty cool.”

    From a fan’s perspective it is approaching unbearable.

    1. Honestly, this kind of commentary floods American sports. You can’t turn on a sporting event in the US without hearing screaming commentators. So I would assume that the fans are numb to it.

  21. Speaking about the game itself, I feel like Roger Espinoza has been a little hesitant in bringing the ball forward. Twice I have seen receive the ball on the left-hand side of midfield and instead of charging forward to launch a quick counter, he just inches forward like a snail and allows a blue shirt to stop him in his tracks. He is forced to pass sidewards and back. It could be nerves or tension of playing in FA Cup final but he needs to be more positive in the second half. Especially in England where the pace is quicker than in his native Honduras or where he played for his community college in Arizona.

    1. I kinda noticed that too but I think it is because Zabaleta is on his side. Maybe his primary responsibility is to protect against the overlapping runs. City have tried to use that side much more than Clichy on the left.

  22. I’ve really tried to block out Gus Johnson’s commentary, but it is so unbelievably inappropriate that I’m thinking about muting the game…..actually during the 1998 World Cup I watched the games in Spanish (I don’t speak Spanish), because I couldn’t listen to the irritating announcers. Gus has never played soccer (as he has publicly stated), so why is he announcing…It’s ruining the game. What is Fox Soccer thinking? They will not attract new fans…they are only distancing their current ones!

  23. Great coverage and commentary on Fox Deportes, even if it is in Spanish the guys are really conveying the atmosphere.

    Wigan are really up for this one and are making life very difficult for City. Wigan have City rattled somewhat. Great first half. Let’s hope the second half gives us the same or more.

    1. I’ve been watching their coverage too and it’s in keeping with the spirit of the game. when I turn back to Gus and Wright I can’t help but stare into space vacantly and wonder if it’s all been a sick dream.

  24. How good has Roger Espinoza played? He’s been superb in attack and not too bad in defense (bear in mind he’s not really a wingback). Ex MLS players are flying the flag for the league pretty well in the Premier League. First Kei Kamara, now Espinoza – pretty decent stuff

  25. So after all of the fuss about being able to ask questions via the hashtag #HeyBrian, they only answer ONE question at half-time. What’s the point?

    The Gaffer

    1. They have to cram as many ads in as possible. Also it was probably the only question not directed with hatred towards everything about this pitiful coverage.

  26. @Ahmed Yousuf-it only reinforces the point that the MLS is a feeder/farm system for the Premier League and cannot keep hold of its decent players.

    1. European football for many is the pinnacle. Unless there’s a huge power shift in the near future it’ll continue. I can emphaise with you, my own local league struggles to keep star players. But I’m resigned – for the moment – we’re a young league and need to grow gradually. Btw, this is the A-league, I’m talking about.

      1. Europe will remain the final destination or “holy grail” of football but I think the sport is already catching on in countries like the US and Australia. In Australia.

        1. Yes, it’s catching on down here. The A-league’s had a record breaking season. Things looking up, but not only in Oz.

      2. So are the lower leagues in England, they always have been. You can’t beat live football, viewing it in the flesh is a completely different experience as part of the crowd and how/what you see of the game. Crewe Alex are local to me and are renowned as a ‘feeder’ club to the higher divisions, nothing wrong with that and they’re better at producing professional players than most Premier League academies.

  27. just listening to ESPN half-time commentary down here in Australia… they just said that this season has been a failure for City.

    Are you kidding? Seriously? Got drawn in the Group of Death and admittedly didn’t perform in the Champions League, but SECOND in the Premier League and FA Cup finallists (possibly winners)?

    The way people expect City to win EVERY trophy and dominate EVERY match is just absurd.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought when that tool Johnson said it here in the U.S. Most teams would love to fail if that’s the barometer.

    2. Mate, switch to SBS – Martin Tyler’s on. I got sick of listening to Keegan and co. dramatise every little thing.

  28. The way Wright talks about forwards you’d expect he thinks Emile Heskey was the best thing since sliced bread. And who’s Julian Lescott, Gus?

  29. as a boxing fan, I said it would be a fiasco when they gave Gus Johnson the job. When Gus first started calling boxing on Showtime, he would yell, “he’s hurt! he’s hurt!!” There was only one problem. The fighter wasn’t “hurt”.
    Gus didn’t understand the nuances of the sport when he started calling boxing and still didn’t understand them when he stopped calling fights years later.

    Gus Johnson doesn’t do his homework. His version of learning a sport is to memorize some facts, rather than put in the time to actually learn the sport.

    Gus is hard to listen to for any sport. He supposedly knows college basketball. Yet, he continually relies on screaming for no reason. He’s an idiot and an american network will put him on because there are many american sports fans that are idiots as well.

    1. In his (very limited) defense, his madness and frantic nature meshed perfectly with the first two weekends of the NCAA tournament. And his work for Fox/Big Ten Network has been quite good for college football.

      If only they’d keep him with his strengths.

    1. Agreed. Matches like this make a strong case for the renewal of golden goal in extra time (I don’t agree, but two more 15 minute periods could be pretty rough).

      1. I know. I don’t know if I can tolerate 30 more minutes of this plus penalties if so. Falling asleep seems a better option.

    2. I disagree. This has been a very entertaining game so far. Both teams have created chances and Wigan are making it a game, instead of a one-sided affair.

      The Gaffer

    3. seriously? that’s a sad view.

      i think that was probably in the top ten of most exciting matches of the season. and i’m a neutral.

  30. I am a little surprised to see Rodwell for Tevez. Tevez I thought was better than Kun so far, although if he brings on Dzeko he is a better partner for him than Tevez, at least he has been this season.

    Rodwell is going to allow Yaya to get forward more.

  31. One note: credit to Kartik for recognizing the trouble Wigan has given City in recent years. It will be great to have him back on the pod!

  32. So Just woke up on half time (I’m in the west coast), turned on the V and guess what, Bloopers with Gus is on. Thankfully I’m not a fan of both teams so this is turning ok for me listerning to Gus.

  33. Wait a second, didnt Mancini say that he will play the 2nd Goalkeeper? He said something like “that would be only be fair”.

  34. Zabaleta could have received a straight red but he was already in the book so it wasn’t necessary I guess

  35. gus johnson had no idea that zabaleta was going to get his second yellow.

    not sure gus knows what a red card is.

  36. I wonder if they’ll even show Wigan lifting the cup. Probably cut straight away as soon as the whistle goes.


    Btw, what was Wright talking about? It quite clearly off the heel of the city player.

  38. Why do they keep trying to draw parallel’s between this and the 1988 Wimbledon-Liverpool final? There’s nothing similar between the two games.

    1. Whelan is why I got the goosebumps. When they flashed to him in the box.

      The guy’s career ended at Wembley. Unbelievable.

  39. Wigan totally deserved that. They were the better team today. Should have been a penalty called prior to the header that went in anyway.

    Did Gus at one point say that Aguero “posted up?”

    Ah well. In the unlikely event anybody took my advice several days ago to see what odds they could get on this – have fun with your 8-1 payout or whatever.

    1. I understand that, but to me it’s not comparable because Wigan have been in the top flight for a while now, unlike Wimbledon at the time. Also this City side isn’t even worth being mentioned in the same breath as that Liverpool team, who had been dominating English and European football for well over a decade at the time.

  40. That is a match to really bring back the magic in the FA Cup. Wigan were absolutely deserved winners. City looked second best most of the match.

    1. Fox gives a quick flash of the field…flashes a graphic that Wigan has won its first FA Cup…right back to commercial.

      ESPN UK still interviewing and showing the atmosphere…no commercial breaks yet.

    1. City walking up the stands.

      But Fox is on commercial

      Martinez got a kiss from Rebecca Lowe…that lucky dog.

  41. Wow! Congratulations to Wigan who thoroughly deserved the win. Martinez is one heck of a manager. Liverpool missed out.

    Today we saw two teams who are battling relegation but who played like they were in the top 4. Both Villa and Wigan were terrific. Villa might stay up but I fear for Wigan as I don’t think they can get a win against Arsenal on the back of this momentous win. I hope I’m wrong as I’d like to see Wigan stay up.

    Again well done Latics. Too bad you don’t have the support in that rugby town.

      1. Absolutely! If Norwich lose their next two matches, then Wigan can stay up losing to Arsenal and beating AV, who will have nothing to play for, at that point.

  42. WTIC should be ashamed of themselves for this feed. They are showing it in 16:9 but it is so compressed it looks work than a SD stretched picture.

  43. Well done Wigan. right to the end Johnson shows his ignorance. The ref looks at his watch gives three blasts of the whistle – despite this, despite the noise of the crowd around him – Johnsone is still commentating .. Yaya Toure down. Ref blows at 94.01 – Gus scream .. thats it at 94.06

    1. No doubt–I couldn’t it–wasn’t until they showed them celebrating on sideline that light went on in Gus’s head that game was over…

  44. After today’s other result, Villa 1 Chelsea 2, Wigan have it in their hands. 2 wins and they get past Villa no matter what anyone else does.

    1. Not exactly. If AV get a point off Chelsea, who have nothing to play for, then it could come down to GD or GF between them and Wigan. If AV beat Chelsea then Wigan can not catch them. I think Norwich is the team on the proverbial bubble and maybe Newcastle. QPR might not roll over. Still lots of possibilities. :-)

  45. A few stray observations:

    1: Think this may be the last straw for the City directors and Mancini might be gone as early as tomorrow or the last day of the season a’la Carlo Ancelotti.

    2: Barring a total systems meltdown from Newcastle, if you consider Wigan are likely to be relegated this season, they’re going to find it very, very difficult playing a full season of Championship football with the Europa League to play.

    3: This result has deprived us of David Moyes’ Manchester United against Manchester City in a Community Shield Manchester derby.

  46. I am SO glad I was able to get and sinc the BBC Radio commentary with the TV.

    Does Fox SERIOUSLY think that having incompetent announcers will help their ratings. If it does then soccer is in bigger trouble over here then we all would care to think.

    1. Some clown on Twitter just said it was worth 90 minutes of crap commentary to hear Gus Johnson’s goal call.

      That’s the kind of idiot that Fox is catering to.

      “Adam Herman‏@Herman_NYRBlog27m
      Sitting through Gus Johnson’s lack of soccer knowledge is worth it for a goal call like that.”

  47. Roberto Martinez needs to get the Everton Job. He shows again why he is one of the best managers in England.

      1. Note… the balding guy shooting is Lily Allen’s dad. Keith Allen or Sheriff of Nottingham from the BBC series Robin Hood. innit

    1. Watching the FA Cup Final on FOX, I feel cheated today. We missed all of the pre-match build-up. And even in the post-match celebrations and walking up the steps of Wembley, we missed Manchester City walking up. And we then got very abbreviated bits and pieces of Wigan celebrating on the pitch. Again, too many talking heads at FOX monopolizing the TV coverage, leaving us with a bitter taste in our mouths.

      The Gaffer

        1. ITV interviewing Mancini right now. He said the rumors about him are “rubbish”.

          Last I saw, Fox was showing a pre-taped piece.

    1. You wouldn’t want them to waste a quality beer/ale, would you? Although, it can’t be fun licking that stuff off your lips. 😉

  48. Basically 20 minutes straight of on the fiels coverage from ESPN UK before they went to their first commercial (just now).

    Fox went to two long breaks and to their in studio muppets.

  49. Did anyone hear Ian Wright giggle when Gus Johnson screamed “OH BEN WATSON!” when Watson headed in the winner? LMAO!

  50. Thank you Fox Deportes for a great coverage of the FA Cup final. Judging by the comments from those that watched it on Fox regular channel Fox Deportes had better coverage. No Gus either!

    Cannot believe its owned by Fox.

    Congratulations to Wigan for a memorable win. Another game to make the all-time greats list. The magic of the FA Cup lives on.

  51. I just wanted to point out that up here In CT the local fox station has just started airing thegame 15 minutes ago 2:15EST. To top it all off the HD channel appears to be showing the SD feed.

      1. I was lucky enough to watch it live on Fox Deportes which was in SD but the quality was excellent compared to Hartford WTIC’s delayed broadcast. It was out of focus and looked like a streamed video. Awful!

  52. Fox Deportes is still on post-game coverage and even had a camera in the Wigan locker room. Pre-game was just as good. This is how the FA Cup should be shown.

  53. Sounds like Alan Shearer will be Gus Johnson’s co-commentator for the UEFA Champions League Final judging by Gus saying he’s looking forward to hanging out with him in two weeks from now.

    The Gaffer

    1. Alan Shearer won’t be the co-commentator for the UEFA Champions League Final alongside Gus Johnson. The co-commentator will be the one and only Warren Barton.

      The Gaffer

  54. Martinez giving an interview on ESPN UK. He said their celebrations are subdued because they have to focus on the next two games. He said he doesn’t want to be playing in Europe while not playing in the Premier League.

    …and what is Fox doing?

  55. My two cents today. Gus Johnson and Ian Wright were abysmally poor (other than Johnson’s call on the Wigan goal), but Ian Wright was much worse than Johnson.

    The Gaffer

  56. Today underlines how Fox didn’t do their homework to make the world’s most popular game more appealing to US viewers and why they lost out to NBC.

    No doubt the studio stooges and Mr cardboard cut out himself Gus Johnson will be down at Pawn Stars trying to raise a few dollars for their suits.

  57. WTIC just turned the bandwidth back up about a half hour after they aired the FA Cup final , oh wait the Champions League preview piece just came on so they turned it down again.

  58. Sounds like me listening to talksport at the poolside was best…

    I’ve said the same things about Gox’d coverage for 3 yrs now…and then you add gus to their efforts its just poor. Massive result for Wigan…I hope they can make the game v Farsenal as onpetitive, I think because they have to win a draw is unlikely even tho that’s all spurs need.

    Congrats Wigan…man city…ouch…

    Can wish stoke the good luck I normally would guy and Ian…nothing less than 3pts will do.

    Come On You Spurs!

    1. Gox’d LMAO make no sense…so a perfect rename for Fox just as their coverage make no sense….

      Ah yes margarita I love you!

    2. I’m with you tomorrow, Dust. Doesn’t really matter to Stoke. :-) Although, you could be in trouble. After 36 matches Tony has finally said he’s going to try to “take it to” someone. Look out!! 😉

  59. I will preface this by saying that I did not see the game live and I’ve only seen the second half of the re-run. But Gus is sounding much more restrained than the Chelsea game, and Ian Wright is much more on point. They definitely turned down the levels on Gus’ microphone. The Chelsea game last Sunday was rock bottom. It’s not great but it seems they are responding to the torrent of abuse they get on here.

  60. Mancini dropped Pantillimon, who is 6’8, in favor of Joe Hart, who is 6’5.
    Would that extra 3 inches make a difference to prevent Watson’s goal ?

  61. The absolute Law of Gus today! Regardless of what you thinking of his actual comments, that type of ending to a game is much likely when Gus is doing the play by play!

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