Gus Johnson Hosts Champions League Final Preview Alongside Alan Shearer

Controversial announcer Gus Johnson will host a 30-minute show after today’s FA Cup Final alongside Alan Shearer. “The Road to Wembley,” a special UEFA Champions League Final preview that relives the journey of Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund’s path to the final, will be televised on the free-to-air FOX network at 2:30pm ET.

Alan Shearer is the former England captain and the Premier League’s all-time record goal scorer. While his career on the pitch has been spectacular, his history as a pundit has often been criticized despite key roles on BBC’s Match Of The Day and during coverage of major tournaments such as the World Cup.

FOX will air the FA Cup Final today between Manchester City and Wigan live from Wembley. The stadium will also host the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final on May 25, which will be televised live on the free-to-air FOX network. Gus Johnson will commentate today’s FA Cup Final as well as the Champions League Final.

17 thoughts on “Gus Johnson Hosts Champions League Final Preview Alongside Alan Shearer”

  1. I always thought Alan Shearer had the personality of a golf ball so I can only imagine how boring that show will be.

    1. lol, it’s really hilarious who decided to pair up the in-over-his-head Gus with the cliche-font Alan Shearer.

      Apocalyptically bad announcing, guaranteed.

  2. Does this mean that Gus won’t be commentating today’s FA Cup? Good news if true. Not that it matters to me as I will be watching the FA Cup final on Fox Deportes because my local Fox affiliate is showing Bloopers instead.

    1. He’s scheduled to commentate today’s game and then host the post-match Champions League Preview today.

      The Gaffer

  3. Time for the token to go away. I see this clown and the worlds dumbest brit, ian wright, are about to make the cup final unwatchable too.

    Will make arlo white at nbc look like a hero.

  4. Gus Johnson is trying to single-handedly ruin football for America. Hiring Gus johnson is the worst decision Fox Sports ever made — and they’ve made some really bad decisions. Who knew it could get worse?

  5. Dear God, I hope Gus Johnson is nowhere near Old Trafford tomorrow. Definitely need the UK feed for Sir Alex’s final home game. No doubt Fox will find a way to ruin the pre- game and trophy presentation.

  6. Had an extremely difficult time today sitting through the Cup Final with Gus Johnson and Ian Wright’s atrocious commentary.

  7. Question to anyone listening: do you guys have a problem with Gus Johnson the announcer or Gus Johnson the soccer announcer?

    Go through the history of announcers in this country and you find some great announcers that called games in different sports, some terrible announcers that inexplicably held jobs for their whole career and a lot of mediocrity. Gus is not Vin Scully but nor is he Hawk Harrelson (look it up if you don’t know).

    I get e feeling around here that a large percentage of his critics had no opinion of him prior to this calendar year and are firmly entrenched in their negative position. How does listening to a foreign language broadcast do anything for you? Oh …Johnson’s call is nt refined enough for your precious ear palette? Yea I know that isn’t a real thing.

    Not sayi g he is great but this whole notion of “oh Gus Clearly! I cannot be bothered by this monstrosity”

    1. I find this comment strange…Gus is just a very poor soccer commentator. I think that’s a pretty objective view of the average soccer fan. I was a fan of his commentary of the NCAA tournament. I never thought anything bad of him. However, I find his soccer commentary atrocious.

  8. Lame attempt to give Gus “credibility” in the football world..might work with the basketball fans.. But footy fans aren’t buying it..

    Again .. If you like Gus.. You understand football less than he does


  9. Same thing when Fox got him to do a q&a with Sir Alex.. Then Sir Alex chuckled after he learned this was the first football match he was commentating on…

    Poser.. Fake.. Imposter.. JOKE

    My three year old daughter knows more football than he does.


  10. Yesterday, I didn’t know whether I’d laugh or cry when he mentioned “first FA Cup title for Wigan”. FA Cup title ? What a joke !

  11. For the record I’ve never been a fan of his work. But the guy is taking advantage of a unique chance to reinvent his career. While I don’t enjoy his commentary in any sport I applaud his ambition. The vitriol he gets is misplaced. Be mad at fox for the experiment if you don’t like it. But he is here and I think we all win if he developes into a good commentator for our sport. For that reason I am rooting for the guy

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