Frank Lampard Breaks Chelsea All-Time Scoring Record With 203 Goals [GIF]

Frank Lampard today set a new record for Chelsea, scoring 203 goals — the most number of goals ever scored by a Chelsea player in the history of the club.

Lampard scored a left-footed shot against Aston Villa in the 61st minute to equal the record set by Bobby Tambling. Then late in the game at Villa Park, Lampard slotted in a winner for Chelsea and his record-breaking goal. The England midfielder ran over to the corner of the ground to celebrate in front of the Chelsea supporters, many of whom invaded the pitch to hug Lampard.

The goal by Lampard ensured that Chelsea have qualified for next season’s UEFA Champions League. Aston Villa, meanwhile, will have to do it all again next Sunday to stay in the Premier League.

Congratulations to Frank Lampard on achieving an incredible record today.

5 thoughts on “Frank Lampard Breaks Chelsea All-Time Scoring Record With 203 Goals [GIF]”

  1. Well done to Frank Lampard. For a midfielder to hold the record for scoring is very impressive. Not sure if he’s going to stay with Chelsea but if he isn’t then what a way to leave.

    Unlike clubs like United and Liverpool who try and keep their long-standing players, Giggs, Scholes, Gerard for example, Chelsea prefer not to do so. Shame really. Football is about emotion, sentimentality and loyalty. Loyalty seems to be out of fashion these days. Too bad.

  2. Vintage Lampard. A curler from the 18 and a delayed run in to the box. His vision, consistency, and technical prowess has always been such subtle and underrated skill set. There is more too football than flash and flair. Super Frank is certainly proof of that.

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