Aston Villa’s Stiliyan Petrov Retires From Football: The Daily EPL

Aston Villa captain Stiliyan Petrov announced his retirement from football today following his battle against acute leukaemia. Petrov was diagnosed with the condition last year, but is currently in remission.

Here’s what Petrov said today in a statement:

“It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing my retirement from the game… The emotions are overwhelming really, but the continued support of family, friends and the great people I have come to know will make it easier for me to move on from the only life I’ve ever known.

“That I am ready to embrace new challenges will make this process much easier. Since being diagnosed with acute leukaemia in March 2012, I have come to understand and appreciate the way in which this disease impacts the lives of so many people.

“I can help and I want to help and, in setting up a foundation to help address the issues involved when people are diagnosed with this illness, I hope to make a difference. This will be my new challenge, one I will face with all the enthusiasm, energy and drive with which I have faced every single challenge.”

“I am moving on and I am excited by this. There is a deep joy in my heart because of what you have shared with me, not only in this past year but over the years I have been in football. I felt privileged. I still do. I always will.”

Petrov will lead Aston Villa in a lap of appreciation at Villa Park after the Chelsea game on Saturday. Best of luck to Petrov after a very distinguished career in football.

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2 thoughts on “Aston Villa’s Stiliyan Petrov Retires From Football: The Daily EPL”

  1. Being a fan of both Aston Villa and Celtic I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Stan. Great competitor, and a career cut short by the scourge of cancer. Godspeed fella.

  2. Great skipper whose presence on the field will be greatly missed. I can only wonder how he might have grounded the kids this season and help mentor them on the field as he no doubt did off the field. Best of luck Stan! UTV!

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