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Wigan Athletic vs Swansea City & Manchester City vs West Brom: Open Thread

believe in wigan 600x415 Wigan Athletic vs Swansea City & Manchester City vs West Brom: Open Thread

Who would have thought that a game between Wigan Athletic and Swansea City will create so much interest? If Wigan beats Swansea today, then there will be eight Premier League sides scrambling to try to get out of the relegation zone. Not only will supporters for Wigan and Swansea be paying close attention to the result of this game, but so will neutral fans as well as supporters of Newcastle, Sunderland, Aston Villa, Norwich, Stoke, Fulham and Southampton.

If Wigan wins today, we could end up with ‘Survival Sunday’ being the most exciting in the history of the Premier League. Two years ago, five teams had the threat of being relegated on the final day of the season, which generated 81 different relegation scenarios based on the results that day.

Wigan starting XI: Robles, Kone, McCarthy, Caldwell (c), Watson, Maloney, McManaman, McArthur, Boyce, Espinoza, Scharner.

Swansea starting XI: Vorm, Williams, Britton, Hernandez, Routledge, Monk (c), Shechter, De Guzman, Tiendalli, Rangel, Davies.

On Swansea’s team, they’re without Michu and Lamah due to injuries, but Chico Flores is also out, which is a surprise (he’s not even on the bench). Angel Rangel looks like he’ll start as a right winger instead of right back, so manager Michael Laudrup shaken the team up for this match.

In the other match today, Manchester City plays West Bromwich Albion.

Manchester City starting XI: Hart, Richards, Kolo Toure, Lescott, Kolarov, Garcia, Rodwell, Milner, Tevez, Nasri, Dzeko.

West Brom starting XI: Myhill; Tamas, Dawson, Olsson; Jones, Mulumbu, Morrison, Yacob, Ridgewell; Rosenberg, Lukaku.

For readers in the United States, both matches will be shown on television while one is available on the Internet. Read the TV/Internet schedule for all the details.

Join the conversation with football supporters from around the world in the comments section below.

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45 Responses to Wigan Athletic vs Swansea City & Manchester City vs West Brom: Open Thread

  1. Bruce Gottesman says:

    All right, Chris – we need your Swans to come through on the road today. Wigan have Arsenal next, so a loss here puts them in deep deep trouble. Assuming they don’t beat Arsenal,A NUFC win at Rangers paired with a Villa loss vs. Chelsea would then put NUFC ahead of both of them, and Wigan meet Villa to close the season. That would be enough for the Toon to stay up no matter what happens elsewhere.

  2. Marc L says:

    Oh man, I hope we’ll actually be able to hear Ian and Macca over the deafening roar of the crowd here tonight.

    Conservative squad selection. A lot of us wanted to see a few youth players out there. But you need three points to lock up third. So there is that.

  3. Guy says:

    Well, not much reason to watch the City v WBA match unless you’re a fan of one of the teams. On to the Wigan v Swans match. If the Swans don’t wake up Wigan could spank them.

    • IanCransonsKnees says:

      I think there’s an interesting story there Guy. Take away the League Cup triumph and Swansea have tailed off as dramatically as half the teams in the league. It’s almost as if everyone’s hit a brick wall post Christmas.

      • Guy says:

        Today would be a good day for the Swans to snap out of it. Obviously, the monetary incentives have not done the trick.

        • The Gaffer says:

          The way Swansea are playing, they don’t look like they’re going to score. Even with Michu, they’ve looked that way. And tonight Michu is out injured.

          The Gaffer

        • IanCransonsKnees says:

          3 wins since December in the league all against opposition lower in the table (QPR, Newcastle & of course, Stoke). Practically a mirror image of Stoke’s form (bar the cup competitions), having a foot in both camps must have been fun Guy!

  4. M Owen says:

    Is this match avilable on FoX Soccer 2 go? …cannot find withing the FOX soccer2Go App

    • San Franciscan says:

      Since it’s live on Fox Soccer, you will find the match on delay at 11:59 pm EST.

      City and WBA is on ESPN2 and WatchESPN.

  5. San Franciscan says:

    Wow how empty is it at the Etihad?

  6. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Dean Saunders sacked by Wolves tonight. 5 managers in 15 months! The articles at the start of last season would make interesting reading now.

  7. San Franciscan says:

    Oh how I wish Gus was commentating when the referee gave a backpass foul.

  8. Marc L says:

    Kind of helpful that Lukaku is the only Baggie that looks like he wants to be out there.

    Feel bad for Rodwell with all that clumsiness in front of net. That kid has had a nightmare season with injuries.

  9. Bruce Gottesman says:

    Oh goody – Espinoza scores seconds before halftime. Everybody in the bottom half not a Wigan supporter can start grumbling now…

  10. Guy says:

    Wigan could easily win this 3-0. Swans look asleep at the wheel.

  11. Bruce Gottesman says:

    … and Rangel ties it up! 40 minutes to hold on Swans…

  12. Bruce Gottesman says:

    … which they can do for only about 2. McCarthy puts Wigan in front again…

  13. Guy says:

    Wow. Match was almost over there.

  14. Guy says:

    What are we going to have a 4-4 draw?

  15. Bruce Gottesman says:

    I realize that clubs can tune out at the end of seasons, but I must say it’s an infinitely better system than American sports leagues, which A) reward teams for stinking up the joint with better draft picks; B) don’t give monetary rewards for finishing higher; C) make the playoffs system the only true goal; and D) don’t have a relegation / promotion system. PS in the time it took me to think up and type this, Swansea leveled again!

  16. Tony Butterworth says:

    Isn’t it like 1million per position, so teams like Swansea can really benefit.

  17. Ivan says:

    Gutted about Wigan going down…at least Martinez got them trying to play football…

    Here’s to another year in the Prem for Sunderland, Stoke and other such clubs infested with anti-footballers, horticulturalists, lumberjacks and such…

    In all honesty, 20 teams in the Premier League is about 4 teams too many…I know it isn’t happening any time soon, just saying…

    • Guy says:

      Thanks for the complements, Ivan. ;-)

      btw, Wigan are not cooked quite yet. If Norwich loses to WBA and City (quite possible) then Wigan can stay up by beating AV on the last day.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Wigan are not relegated. At least not yet. They may be as early as this weekend, but they threw away a good chance to get a point or even 3 points tonight.

      The Gaffer

  18. Guy says:

    Thank you, Swans!! Stoke are now officially safe. Think I’ll have a beer. :-)

  19. Marc L says:

    Okay, for you betting types out there – those pie-eaters from Wigan play exactly the type of football (pacey, high-pressing) that tends to make City look dreadful. Worst performances of the season have all been against clubs playing this way (excepting Everton away, but Yaya Toure and Kompany and I think Aguero were out injured from that. Plus they never beat Gollum and his hoofers at Goodison anyway.)

    Just saying – I don’t gamble myself but if I did I’d look at what kind of odds are out there for the Cup. It would not at all shock me to see Wigan win that.

  20. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Fair dos to the Swans. Laudrup must’ve counted up Whelan’s bung and found out he’d been short changed, hence the second half turnaround ;-)

  21. JasonK says:

    Poor Wigan. They do give it a good go and play some decent stuff. Unfortunately this season has been a little too much for them to avoid relegation. I know that they are mathematically still alive but realistically they are done. Another club that will be in the Europa League but playing in the Championship next season.

    I wonder what will become of Martinez, will he stay or leave?

  22. The Gaffer says:

    EPL Talk’s Kartik Krishnaiyer will be on talkSPORT tonight at 8.15pm ET to discuss the Manchester City-West Brom game.

    I’ll be on at 8.30pm ET to discuss Wigan-Swansea.

    You can listen live to both shows at

    The Gaffer

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