Adidas Sign Deal With West Ham United To Become Club’s New Kit Manufacturer

West Ham United will wear kits designed by adidas after a gap of 26 years since the club last wore the famous brand with the three stripes.

The Hammers deal with adidas goes into effect on June 1. The agreement will see the German sport manufacturer designing their kits, training wear and equipment for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons.

West Ham United began their first partnership with adidas in 1980 when the kit manufacturer took over from Admiral, and designed West Ham’s kits from 1980-1987. Since then, West Ham United have worked with seven different kit manufacturers.

West Ham United currently wear kits manufactured by Macron, an Italian company.

15 thoughts on “Adidas Sign Deal With West Ham United To Become Club’s New Kit Manufacturer”

    1. The AVCO kit was made by Umbro. Very over sized and shinny. I still wear the Doc Martin Reebok kit, but prefer the retro kit some irons and a castle.

      1. We have never had an Umbro kit. Avco sponsored us when we had Adidas and then Scoreline. The scoreline kit was dodgy but it was the last one Bonzo wore so it has a place in my collection.

        1. We also had a Umbro kit with AVCO..

          not point in arguing, just go here and look at the various kits.

          And Of course we had a Reebok kit, ithe year we went down with Carrick, Joe Cole DiCanio and DeFoe we wore a Reebok, and where sent down at the Reebok. Then the first year down we had JobServe and a Reebok… Then Umbro and XL,… Then the Umbro with the number patch when XL went under replaced with Sbobet..

          1. We went down with cole and carrick in fila dr martens mate. then had reebok and jobserve the year after.

          2. I actually own the 2000 Fila Kit and got confused. It was 10 years ago, and Like I said. I prefer to wear the claret and blue with just a castle and some hammers. Besides its real cotton. those Fila kits where like wrapping yourself in plastic if it was hot.

    2. Before everyone gets too carried away with the “adidas is great” idea, just have a look at the new Stoke away kit. It is truly awful. Most of adidas’ 2013/14 styles of kit are online. Some of those are dire too. Fingers crossed we get a good one

  1. Pleased about having a proper kit manufacturer again. Macron hasn’t been terrible (I bought one last year because I wanted a shirt with Championship badges on it), but it’s obvious that they aren’t anywhere near the best. I quite like most Adidas kits and I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

  2. My macron shirt with sbobet log peeled off and the emblem on the arm,so im glad we got adidas about time,love it be the original logo tho…but cant see it!!!COYI HAMMERS!!!!!

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