Puma Signs Deal to Become Arsenal’s New Kit Supplier In £170 Million Deal, Says Report

Puma have signed a deal to become Arsenal’s new kit supplier beginning with the 2014-15 season, according to a report.

The Mirror is reporting that the five-year deal is worth £30+ million a year to Arsenal, which will become one of the largest kit deals in English football. The newspaper reports that the official news won’t be revealed for some time, but it’s understood that adidas — who were long expected to take over from Nike — had pulled out of the negotiations.

As with any deal like this, it’s best to wait until official confirmation is received by either Puma or Arsenal. But if The Mirror‘s report is true, this will be a welcome cash boost to Arsenal Football Club.

6 thoughts on “Puma Signs Deal to Become Arsenal’s New Kit Supplier In £170 Million Deal, Says Report”

  1. Cautiously optimistic about this. Nike hasn’t made us a good 2nd kit for some time now (tbh, since the maroon 2006-2007 kit), and now they are just sticking to their ugly patterns (e.g. cuffs!?!?).

    Let’s see what Puma can do!

  2. Whoa….I imagine the management at Manchester United dragging this news into their negotiations with Nike.

    I don’t really care about Arsenal, but have always thought they had classy looking kits. I don’t really like that weird shoulder thing that Puma puts on their kits.

  3. Nike has done a decent job with their close to 20 year old Arsenal account.

    It will be interesting to see what Puma will do, if they were to get it…..

  4. If this were true ,it will be great news. Now Wenger must show with the top players hecan buy,he won’t be selling players anymore and show rf he can challenge.
    If the rumours about rf are true,I aint surprised. You can’t be top dog all the time unless you have help.Whover steps into his shoes will have to startwinning trophies.Failure won’t be tolerated.So don’t be surprised the new guy at OT can last a season or two. Such are the pressures of winning

  5. Happy to have the cash, but really dislike the Puma designs I have seen for other teams (Adidas still makes the classiest kits).

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