NBC Sports Releases First Video to Promote Its Premier League Coverage [VIDEO]

NBC Sports has released their first video to promote its coverage of the Premier League.

The 30-second spot gets the message across that NBC Sports will be broadcasting every game live — either on their TV networks or via the free app NBC Sports Live Extra.

To me, the best part of the video is the selection of the song, which was originally recorded by Fat Les for England’s 1998 World Cup campaign. Here’s a video of the original song.

What do you think about NBC’s promo spot? And who’s excited about NBC broadcasting the Premier League beginning next season?!

24 thoughts on “NBC Sports Releases First Video to Promote Its Premier League Coverage [VIDEO]”

      1. Transic, from 3,000 video views to 89,000 video views as of today. That’s better, eh?!

        The Gaffer

  1. Every racial slur
    Every bite
    Every dive
    Every it wasn’t our fault
    Every next year is our year.

    I was expecting a better effort from NBC. That video doesn’t exactly show the drama of the EPL.

    1. Hillsborough was proved to be a cover up so you need to get over it with your ” it wasn’t our fault” rubbish.

      1. Really I never knew that thanks for letting me know.

        What about the 39 Italians that where killed by Liverpool fans I suppose that wasn’t your fault either.

  2. Not bad. I agree with Jason. You can’t go ballistic right away. No need for over-hype. We’ve had enough of that lately, thank you.

  3. Well, I am excited to watch English football on my regular cable for once. But, we should be thinking what is going to happen when the bid comes up again. Will the English Premier League come back off of regular cable and out of so many homes and to some sh*t channel called BEIN Sport ? that will be the question. If tha this case then football will be ripped from us again. NBC Universial has done a amazing thing by buying those rights. People small co-op cable companies can now watch EPL. unheard of before.

  4. Very nice. Hopefully the weekly promos aren’t as embarrassing as Fox’s.

    Team 1 are out to dominate, but Team 2 are eager to spoil their quest for glory and make some history of their own. The Team 1s take on the Team 2s on FSC.

    Meanwhile, it’s Wigan playing QPR.

  5. Gaffer,

    Have you heard any talk from the satellite companies of moving the NBC Sports Network to lower-priced tiers? Dish TV only offers the network on its highest-priced tear.


      1. And I guess there is still no word on NBC changing its model and offering a standalone streaming solution for EPL matches?

        FoxScoccer2Go may not have been the best attempt but it was an attempt. I think it’s ridiculous to offer streaming only to customers who already have a cable or satellite outlet.

        1. NBC is not going to change their decision. They’re not going to offer a standalone product.

          The Gaffer

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