Future Of Sir Alex Ferguson At Manchester United In Doubt As Report Says He May Retire This Week

The future of Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford is in major doubt today after a report reveals that the Manchester United manager may end his 26-year history at the club this week.

According to an article in The Telegraphreporter Mark Ogden reveals that senior figures at the club have refused to confirm or deny the story that Ferguson may make an announcement ahead of Sunday’s game at Old Trafford that he may retire.

Ferguson, 71, is set to miss the beginning of next season due to a hip surgery, and there were reports this morning that bookies had slashed the odds on David Moyes becoming assistant manager at Manchester United, as an understudy to Ferguson.

Since the Manchester United club are on the New York Stock Exchange, it’s expected that United may make an official statement soon to either confirm or deny the news, since the questions and doubt about Ferguson’s future at the club could negatively impact United’s New York share price.

If the rumor about Ferguson retiring from Manchester United is true, do you think the timing is right for Ferguson to hand over the manager’s job to David Moyes, Jose Mourinho or another manager? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

25 thoughts on “Future Of Sir Alex Ferguson At Manchester United In Doubt As Report Says He May Retire This Week”

  1. I don’t know about Moyes – he is a fantastic small club manager, but he’d face an entirely different set of challenges at United. Is he ready for a $80m war chest and

    Jurgen Klopp is the man for the job. He’s tactically sound, is a great motivator, has more than held his own in European competition, and his staff have signed and developed more talent than anyone else over the last few years. He’s losing Hummels, Gotze, and Lewandowski at the very least this summer- perhaps he’d be interested in moving to a club with the resources to sign (and hold on to) top-shelf players? Hey, maybe he could convince Lew and Hummels to come along…

    In my opinion he’s as good or better than Mourinho with a lot less ego…

    1. I agree about Moyes. He doesn’t have the experience for the Utd job right now especially In Europe. If im not mistaken he’s never won a game away from home against any if the top 4 in the league.

      As for klopp I’d like to see what he can do outside of Germany before giving him the job although he does seem to like giving youth a chance which is crucial at UTD.

  2. Well, if this turns out to be true it will have all kinds of ramifications in the managerial merry-go-around, not to mention that the top EPL clubs will have to factor Fergie’s departure as well as to what they might do with their squads and who they might appoint as manager if there is a vacancy.

    If United do appoint Mourinho then Chelsea will have had two of their top targets snub them. What will Roman do next? Rehire Benitez? Please God let all this happen. Could make for a very interesting summer. Great drama this might turn out to be if Fergie does retire. Fingers crossed.

    1. I don’t think Mourinho was ever a Chelsea target, after all he left for a reason. I think Hiddink will go to Chelsea, he has supposedly retired but he has one more go in him for me at 66, Chelsea’s fans and owner would be happy with that. There surely in no way Gollum would go as number 2 at Utd. Mourinho seems very plausible, which would go some way to explain his strange ‘best team won’ comment after Utd v Madrid.

  3. I thing SAF shld jst retire and let jose take over. The only person capable for the job fergie has done is jose #myopinion

  4. If I were an ambitious manager I would rather succeed Fergie’s successor than succeed Fergie. Jose might be the only one to be able to pull it off. Anyone else with ambition to coach at Man United is better off waiting.

  5. wish this is not true, cos man united will need good,self/players motivated manager with good charisma who will be ready to understudy SAF for a year. can a jose caliber do that? to me no, can moye do that? it’s 50-50.

  6. In the past few years we’ve heard that Rooney was definitely leaving – twice – Fernando Torres going to United, and of course the Qatar Dream League debacle. Unless Fergie’s doctor has told him something that has prompted a surprise change in his mind, I don’t believe this for a second.

  7. United are like the Royal family. If this was true it would have been communicated well in advance. Sir Alex is either going out feet first or there is a succession plan in place.

    That said I would not be surprised if Moyes shows up at Old Trafford as Assistant and Manager in waiting. He is cut from the same cloth and a better fit for United than Mourinho. You get 3 years max out of Jose before he gets bored and moves on. Moyes could be the guy for the next 10 years or more and would build on Fergies home grown youth policy mixed with the occasional superstar.

    1. People are quick to suggest Moyes. Don’t count out Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. when Fergie’s retirement does happen, that’s who’s replacing him. Not David Moyes. I’d bet the house on it.

      1. I don’t know about that. Molde are bottom of the Norwegian league this season. If the keep it in house then I’d bet your house it will be Giggs before they bring back OGS.

        1. Maybe. But I’m not sure they’ll go for someone completely untried. It’ll be Gareth Southgate or Paul Ince or Alan Shearer tragicomedy.

    2. Smokey
      right on with the Jose burnout after 3 years it is his M/O.Moyes would be the best thing United could do.

  8. The news article says that Ferguson “may make an announcement” that he “may retire”. Sounds like it was a slow news day over in the UK. Much ado about not much.

  9. Could this be the start of a manager marry go round at United because no one will ever be Fergie again?

    1. It’s no effing good having Moyes for 10 years if he can’t win anything. Times have changed in football and if you get 5 years out of a manager these days you’re doing well. Comparing a new managers longevity to SAF is pointless because he is one of a kind. Could Moyes at utd handle the pressure competing with Mourhino at Chelsea or Mancini at city, I don’t think so.

      Also saying Moyes and Fergie are alike is a stretch. When SAF came from Aberdeen he had broken the old firm stranglehold on the spl AND he won in Europe. Moyes has very little European experience and hasn’t won an away games against the traditional top 4 teams in Nearly 45 attempts.

  10. I mean…..the guy has to retire sometime, right? He’s 71. How many coaches have had a winning season at that age, decided to hold on for a few more years and ended up retiring on worse terms? This might be as good as it gets for SAF to retire.

    And….of course there will be a drop off. The idea that United will replace SAF with another manager who will be there for 20+ years and 10+ EPL titles is just silly.

  11. Not sure if Fergie is going to announce his retirement or not but what seems to be clear from all the reporting on the other side of the pond is that Fergie will be making some sort of announcement and that the players have been told to expect such an announcement.

    It could be that he plans on having Moyes as his assistant to work with him and also run things in his absence during and after his surgery. How long before he actually retires only he knows. I’d be surprised if he retires now. More likely in a couple of years.

    We’ll find out soon enough what this is all about.

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