Liverpool’s Third Shirt For 2013-14 Season: New Leaked [PHOTO]

A photograph of Liverpool’s third shirt for the 2013-14 season has been leaked on the Internet.

A few months ago, we didn’t publish a photograph of Liverpool’s rumored third shirt for the 2013-14 season because, after seeing the jersey, we thought it was a joke. However, a new video has been found that shows Liverpool midfielder Philippe Coutinho walking past the camera wearing the new Liverpool third shirt in question.

While Liverpool’s new home shirt for next season looks classy, and Liverpool’s away shirt  for 2013-14 looks mysteriously bizarre, the third shirt looks absolutely horrible. It’s a mish-mash of different styles and colors that have no relevance to Liverpool Football Club or the Liverpool brand.

What are your thoughts about the new Liverpool shirt for next season? Let us know in the comments section below.

H/T MaillotFoot.

15 thoughts on “Liverpool’s Third Shirt For 2013-14 Season: New Leaked [PHOTO]”

  1. coming from a LFC Fan, the jersey is just plain awful.
    even if Linda Pizzuti aka Mrs.John Henry was wearing this i would not be interested.

  2. This is exactly what I was worried about when Warrior took over “designing” kits. Whoever signed off on this needs their eyes looking at. Just awful

  3. This looks like something from the early 90s. Someone most have been either smoking something and/or inhaling something.

  4. Got to hand it to Warrior with their innovative design. This is the first shirt you can wear over your head.

  5. I’ve defended warrior in the past. At least last year’s 3rd kit, if one can get past the colours – had a sense of semblance.

    This thing – if it is confirmed, is a complete disgrace. Do they really believe that this will fly off the shelves? Let’s pray this is not real.

  6. The only way to stop this madness is through sales, or lack of. These abominations, both 2nd and 3rd kits, are shameful pieces of design. Warrior is embarrassing us. LFC is again stumbling further and further behind, this time in how we dress. But hey, who cares as long as they pay us bucket loads of benjamins eh *sigh*

  7. Mad as batshit.

    Can just about live with this one, but the white away one is literally the worst thing I’ve ever seen of any description.

  8. I’m a big Liverpool fan I think all you a lot are right the kits are embarrassing I must say I do like the home kits keeping it classy but the away kits somebody ran out of ideas I would like to see Nike and O2 take over the kits thank you

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