Jose Mourinho Caught Buying £200 Worth Of Boxes From Ikea; Chelsea Bound?: The Daily EPL

Spanish media and public reported this morning that Jose Mourinho was spotted in an Ikea store spending approximately £200 on boxes and packing tape, presumably in preparation for his big move from Madrid back to London this summer.

Come on Chelsea and Real Madrid, let’s get this whole thing over and done with so it doesn’t drag on from now until late June.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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13 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho Caught Buying £200 Worth Of Boxes From Ikea; Chelsea Bound?: The Daily EPL”

  1. Too funny. You wonder if there are the other tell-tale signs of interviewing for a new job: Wearing a suit to work when you don’t have any meetings on your calendar, mysteriously missing from the office for vague reasons, etc.

    “Hey, Jose! Where you are you going looking all nice in that new suit?” “Oh, I’m just going to a long lunch. Be back late this afternoon.”

  2. Jose is going to manage Chelsea next season. The only question left is whether Real Madrid will fire him in which case Chelsea won’t have to pay the 10 million Euros buyout. Jose is doing everything he can to try and get fired. Real Madrid are trying to make Jose leave on his own accord and force him to negotiate a price Chelsea will have to pay Real Madrid.

    So there’s no intrigue in where Mourinho is going to end up.

  3. iet chelsea just pay that ten million euros for morinho buyout clouse insted of waiting for his sacking

  4. Pls jose come back along with Lwandowski,falcao.dimalia and offcouse khadela.we really need u.u r th father of chelsea

  5. Jose, if you come to chelsea, you will be disgrace like other coaches who have manage chelsea after you left.

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