Manchester United vs Chelsea, Premier League Gameweek 36: Open Thread

Fergie against Rafa. North versus South. Glazers against Abramovich. Gus Johnson and Ian Wright against the soccer world.

There are plenty of rivalries on the line today as Manchester United take on Chelsea at Old Trafford in a match that means much more for Chelsea than it does for United, but don’t let that take anything away from United who will be ecstatic to win today as revenge for losing to the Blues in the FA Cup.

For viewers in the United States, the match kicks off at 11am ET on FOX Soccer with commentators Gus Johnson and Ian Wright behind the mics. You may remember that this duo also did the FA Cup match between both sides in March. Let’s hope they’ve both improved significantly since then (and since Wednesday’s aberration).

Join the conversation with football supporters around the world before, during or after the match in the comments section below.

151 thoughts on “Manchester United vs Chelsea, Premier League Gameweek 36: Open Thread”

  1. Love to see United condemn Chelsea to the Europa league next season. It would certainly put a spanner in the works for the messiah’s return.

  2. Although I won’t be watching the Fox Soccer feed, I will be refreshing this page constantly. I expect full “Gus Gaffes” updates AS THEY HAPPEN!

    (and some discussing of the actual match)

      1. Haha…I’m still scratching my head from the “Stroke foot!” call from the Bayern-Barca match the other day.

    1. Laying on the cockney quite thick today. Perhaps trying to make up for the dry American accent from Gus. Between the two of them I still have no idea if Mada is playing or Ma-ah.

  3. just absolutely butchered the call on that fantastic save by lindergaard. he screams at the wrong times then when there is something to shout about he goes silent.

    mother of god.

  4. Someone call FSC and see if they can make a bigger graphic to put on the screen during the match, I couldn’t quite make out the one that took up half the TV screen.

        1. Nah, I have tried watching their MLS coverage (the matches are horrible). They actually do a good job of letting the match play out with no advertising interference.

  5. Hardly a second of silence – if Wright isnt saying what they should have done, Johnson is shouting players names – this is appalling..ian wright is awful

      1. Wright talks for far too long – describes plays that are past..and irrelevant. Apparently Mata has a good”ball” om him – Wright must be lurking in the changing rooms

  6. What the hell is with the advertising during the game at the top and bottom of the screen. I thought I saw a Budweiser logo earlier. Can they not at least wait for a injury and play to stop.

    1. They have to make their advertising money now while people are still watching. Come this time next year they’ll be showing infomercials on Sunday mornings.

      1. Would surprise me if they show Infomercials during the champions league next season.

        Man utd v Real Madrid sponsored by the Shamwow and the slap chop.

        1. I’m waiting for someone to report: “Gus just said ‘That In the Area was brought to you by'”

  7. When will someone explain to him that the touch lines are on the goal and the other 2 are sidelines. FFS!!

  8. These idiots claim that Aspelewhatever defended well. Damn Giggs lost the ball, call the thing correctly FFS. I

    1. i’ve noticed that gus johnson has difficulty accurately describing the actions that take place in the course of a soccer match.

  9. Enter the Gus Free Zone. Audio from It is behind the Fox feed, so just pause your TV video feed long enough to sync with talkSPORT and Bob’s your uncle.

    No Gus for me today. The rest of you have fun! :-)

    1. It’s actually so bad it’s comical. The game is meaningless so I’m actually making a point to listen to Johnson and wright.

      1. I have left it on, in part because it’s like a train wreck you can’t look away from and in part for the unintentional comedy factor.

  10. Valencia over ran the football? WTF is he talking about? A totally over hit pass and he says Valencia over ran the ball. F YOU FOX!!

  11. I hope they are not letting the inmates down at Guantanamo watch this game as the commentary could be considered a form of torture.

  12. F**k me am you have replay and you still cannot see that Giggs was NOT offside. Geez why bother having such useless commentary.

  13. Ian Wright just said Valencia did not look, when clearly Valencia looks up and then crosses. So very poor that they can’t even call what is happening directly in front of them.

    1. ian wright has no excuse. at least gus has one, which is that he does not understand the sport he is announcing.

  14. i’m pretty sure gus blew out the speaker on my tv with that “os-kahr, GOT IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  15. Fox need to start warming up the subs at half time. Get these two muppets off, bring on Tyler and Neville. Do something.

  16. I really wish Gus and Ian would STFU. So awful. That last scream was too much for me. And that Valencia call……good grief, I don’t think this guy has watched football before getting the gig with FSC.

    1. I think that last scream nearly blew up my speakers. I’ll be sending the repair bill to Fox on Monday.

  17. I can’t take much more of the ads they constantly run. How many times a day do they show the bullying one? That damn Gatorade one as well. It’s almost as bad as Gus. This is insanity.

    1. i would gladly contribute monthly to any anti-bullying camapaign while greedily consuming case upon case of gatorade if it kept gus johnson (and ian wright) off the air.

  18. talksport and these posts are great fox is determined to piss off every last EPL viewer.only three more weeks then we can rage at arlo.

  19. The role of match announcers is to enhance the viewing experience. I feel like I have missed the entire first half. I have no clue what is going on as far as the game. I’m completely distracted by the violent assault on my ears.

    1. Smoke, just find an online feed with the SkySports 1 call (Tyler/Neville). I watched soccer online for so long, I can deal with missing one match on TV.

      Or turn down the sound and link up the Talk Sport feed.

      If you want to hear about Gus, just keep refreshing this thread. Then you don’t actually have to deal with Fox’s stupidity.

      I’m having a blast listening to Tyler/Neville and reading all the madness on here.

      1. Thanks Pete but I’m strangely addicted to this car crash viewing experience. I think we reached the bottom of the Fox barrel today.

      1. Yeah it’s funny they don’t actually say much until a chance comes along then they just start screaming lime us fans do when watching the match. And the goal celebrations are worth it alone.

  20. Remember when FS ran the German commentary during the World Cup… That was better then this… and I actually had a better understanding of the match, and yeah I don’t speak German.

  21. I’m not sure how many titles Manchester United has won, perhaps they could find time to mention it?

    1. That’s a HUGE part of drawing in non-football fans. You beat a statistic or fact over the viewers’ heads. It’s part of Gus Growing Soccer in the States.

      1. Oh, living in Tennessee that should be sumfing I already knew about but I guess I knew nuffing about that.

  22. I’m actually enjoying all this. Gus turns EPL Talk into Comedy Central. Hope there’s no kind of copyright infringement there, Gaffer. :-)

  23. Can you imagine how bad Gus Johnson is going to butcher the names of German players in the champions league final.

  24. Dear Gus:

    The question – “what do you mean by ‘should try to be on Johnny Evans?'” is something you should ask privately as part of your show prep.

    1. So true – was flabbergasted he actually asked that live. Like others finally seeing the comedy value he offers.

  25. Dear Gus:

    “What does width mean?” would be another example of one of those show prep questions.

  26. You have to hand it to Rafa Benitez as Chelsea are getting the results they need despite playing twice a week for ever. His rotation policy is working and today Chelsea played with more energy than United. One of the worse United performances at home in a long time. The last time United were this bad Rafa’s Liverpool scored 4 at Old Trafford.

    Huge game on Wednesday between Chelsea and Spurs. Please Fox, no Gus for that one.

      1. Hi Pete,

        So this is where you hang out on the weekends. Now I know.

        FYI, I have just scheduled a mandatory all day seminar for Wednesday. See you there!


  27. The one time I pull for United and they are the ones giving up the late winner and melting down. Meanwhile van Persie is quiet as a mouse all game.

    Just gotta laugh.

  28. I turned off the TV, I just can’t handle those two morons, I watched the game on tape delay ( I have a 2 year old running around) before anyone replies about Talksport.
    We really need to tell Fox to take them off the Champions league and FA cup final commentary.

  29. Survival Sunday is shaping up to be a big YAWN:

    – 2 relegation places (QPR, Reading) have already been decided.

    – the league title has already been decided

    – The 8 clubs earning European places have also been decided, with placement being the only outstanding issue.

    Champions League – Man Utd; Man City; 2 of Chelsea, Arsenal, or Tottenham

    Europa League – one of Chelsea, Arsenal, or Tottenham; Everton (3rd qualifying round), Swansea (3rd qualifying round)

    Europa League 1st qualifying round via fair play table – Liverpool

    1. I believe that Wigan will have a Europa League place whether they win or lose the FA Cup Final as Manchester City will qualify for the Champions League. So, the three Europa League places should go to Swansea City (League Cup), Wigan Athletic (FA Cup) and whoever finishes 5th in the Premier League if I understand European qualification correctly.

      1. Not yet,but a decision due soon. England were in fourth place when the interim rankings were unveiled in January, and need to move to third for his to happen, so if England have ousted Norway, Sweden or Finland, the highest-placed team in FP table who has not qualified for Europe – presently Liverpool – will be ushered in. It is not a done deal.

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