How Jose Mourinho Will Revolutionize His Chelsea Team If And When He Joins As Manager

With reports flooding in that Jose Mourinho will make his return to English football and to Chelsea this summer, many are speculating big changes to the squad. With reports from the Evening Standard that Mourinho will have a big budget for the transfer window, it’s almost certain we will see big names coming to the club.

Number one on the list for The Special One and number one on the list for Chelsea, for the longest time, is Radamel Falcao. All signs point to Falcao joining the London club and if he does, we could see Fernando Torres or Demba Ba shipped out in the summer. Falcao would provide Chelsea with a much-needed reliable striker capable of creating his own goalscoring chances, and cleaning up inside the box. But the striker position is only one of many problems inside Stamford Bridge.

This move may seem like a reach, but I feel as though if Chelsea cannot land Falcao and for some reason Mourinho feels like sticking with Torres, he will look to bring in a creative attacking midfielder very familiar to him, and that is Mesut Özil. The attacking midfield position is somewhat loaded for Chelsea with Oscar, Mata, and Hazard all starting many games for Chelsea. I feel though that if they decide to stick with Torres they will need a CAM unlike one they have now.

Hazard, Mata, and Oscar are the type of midfielders that love to score, more of shoot first CAM’s which doesn’t benefit Torres much. Bringing in Özil would provide Mourinho with an attacker capable of opening up defenses with excellent vision and passing, and would give Torres the setup man he needs to provide him goalscoring opportunities that he can’t miss. The problem with bringing in Özil is that you would have to ship out one of the starting CAM’s or convince him to play a lesser role in the team. I feel that player would be Oscar. The Brazilian has had an excellent season for Chelsea, but has been inconsistent. In Europa League play, Oscar has played a lot better than he has in league play, scoring as many goals in the Europa League as he has in the Premier League. Oscar is young, and full of potential so that could turn off Mourinho to selling him, but if you have the chance to bring in a proven world-class player like Özil and you have the means to, can you pass that up?

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