‘Manchester United – The Religion’: Trailer For New United Documentary [VIDEO]

Soccer and religion are often compared for many different reasons. But if you had to pick one team that is perhaps the best example of a near religious devotion, Manchester United would be top of the list.

Not surprisingly then, video-makers Copa90 have created a video documentary entitled ‘Manchester United – The Religion.’ In the trailer, Manchester United supporters share what the club means to them and what place it has in their lives. Whether you’re a United supporter or not, the trailer certainly looks like the series will be worth watching.

Last week, we shared with you the trailer for another new video documentary from Copa90, entitled ‘The Real Oviedo Story.’ Now here’s the video for ‘Manchester United – The Religion.’:

‘Manchester United – The Religion’ is scheduled for release next week on Copa90.

7 thoughts on “‘Manchester United – The Religion’: Trailer For New United Documentary [VIDEO]”

  1. I fear EPL Talk is becoming the Copa90 promotion page. I’m so tired of the Copa 90 stories already! Maybe we should just change the name on top of the page to Copa 90 Talk.

    (That was sarcasm directed at the “Too Much Gus Johnson on EPL Talk” clowns)

  2. Anyone that would miss their brother’s wedding to instead watch a football match needs help. End of story.

    1. Weddings are lame and overrated. Above all, an average marriage has a lower rate of success than United’s win ratio. :)

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