Jose Mourinho Agrees July 1 Return To Chelsea, Says Report

Jose Mourinho has agreed a return to Chelsea and will likely join the club on July 1, according to a report in The Sun newspaper tonight.

Mourinho is still under contract at Real Madrid, but unless there are any unexpected hitches, The Special One will rejoin the Stamford Bridge club on a £10 million-a-year package.

Mourinho and Abramovich were spotted having dinner together in London on Thursday.

Don’t be surprised if both Chelsea and Real Madrid release official statements tomorrow denying that the story is true. Chelsea won’t break the news until a contract is signed, and Real Madrid will want to speak with Mourinho to decide what his future holds. Nevertheless, it looks very likely that Mourinho will be heading to Chelsea this summer unless a major obstacle gets in his way.

What’s your opinion about Jose Mourinho rejoining Chelsea? Will he be able to surpass his accomplishments in his first stint as manager? Will The Special One be able to knock Sir Alex Ferguson off his perch again at Manchester United? Post your opinions in the comments section below.

14 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho Agrees July 1 Return To Chelsea, Says Report”

  1. There is much expectation placed on his return. I think we may have constructed an unreasonable expectation of immediate results, however with the appropriate strengthening of the side Chelsea may make a run for a double. Those being League and Champions League silverware. This may take an addition season to realize those goals.

  2. I’m not a Chelsea fan but this is great news for the EPL. Welcome back Jose! Chelsea will be contenders, no doubt about that.

    As for their despicable fans who continue to treat Rafa like dogsh*t despite securing a European final. Unbelievable.

    1. I have to agree with you. It would be great to have Mourinho back. And the way the Chelsea fans have continued to carry on about Rafa is childish.

      The guy was brought in as an “interim”. He knows that he won’t be offered the job next year, but he’s done everything to help the club win trophies this year.

      I understand that he’s said things about Chelsea in the past. But he was at a different club and he had loyalty to them (Liverpool).

      The guy has been an amazing professional.

      I can understand the Chelsea supporters INITIAL reaction. But it carried on way too long.

      If you (Chelsea supporters) want to vent your frustrations, you should be targeting your owner. He is the source of your team’s dysfunction. His hiring and firing of managers is f**king insane. There needs to be stability at a club.

      Truthfully, I find it hard to believe that Mourinho will come back after the way he was treated by the owner. But maybe time has healed those wounds and Abramovich realizes what he let go.

  3. I didn’t think he would go back to Chelsea but I am pretty convinced this really is happening. The Premiership is very different than he left in the fall of 2007 and despite the European dragon being slayed a year ago there are challenges there for Mourinho.

  4. It will be fun watching Mourhino wind up Bobby Mankini all season long. I expect them to be going at it all season long like two insecure little school girls while Fergie just sits back and wins more trophies.

    It will be interesting to see if he negotiates a release clause Into his contract for when SAF finally retires. Also lets see how he does working under the new FFP rules when he can’t just spend as much as he likes.

  5. I’d love to have Mourinho sign a contract prematurely as in now and Chelsea not make it to Champions League next season. He should wait until Chelsea secures a top four finish.

    1. Mourinho has said that he doesn’t mind if Chesea are in the Europa League next season.

      Unlike Benitez who has worked with players he didn’t sign, Mourinho will want to have a squad of players he wants. That could mean turnover at the club.

  6. I have this feeling the Jose will use Chelsea as a place holder to wait for the day the great Scott at Old Trafford retires or when/if, the inevitable vacancy at the Emirates, comes with a bag of cash for big money signings.

  7. A flustered Benitez stated “*bleep* it.” and announced he’ll be in the starting line-up, along with Abramovich for the Europa Cup final.

    1. No. Benitez will now make sure Chelsea don’t finish in the top 4 and make Mourinho manage Chelsea in the Europa League. Benitez will try and win he Europa League this season.

      The only thing better would be to see Benitez manage a club in England. The thought of Benitez and Mourinho locking horns is just incredible.

  8. I’m pretty dissapointed in Mou. Love him back to EPL but dissapointed he’s running away from Madrid like a scared little girl. Stay in Madrid and do what what you were hired to do which is win the UCL with them. The english press are too easily swayed by him (can’t blame them though). However, they won’t put up with that in Spain. It’s put up or shut-up and while he did win La Liga, his impact in Madrid has been underwhelming to say the least.

    Happy to have him back in the EPL, but I would not view him as the premier manager in the world right now.

    1. I agree that Mourinho’s lustre has worn off a bit. Given the talent at Real Madrid one has to say that he has failed there not winning the Champions League, or even getting to the final, and winning only one league title.

      That said having Jose back in the EPL will certainly be eventful.

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