Gareth Bale Will Stay At Tottenham Hotspur Next Season, Says Andre Villas-Boas

Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas says that Gareth Bale will be at the club next season no matter where Spurs finish in the league this season. This contradicts what Villas-Boas said last week when he claimed that Tottenham would have to finish in top four to keep Bale.

In Tottenham’s press conference today, Villas-Boas said:

“The information I have from the club, that was mistakenly written about last week, is that the player is here to remain at the club independent of the objectives of Champions League qualification being met, or not.”

While Villas-Boas and the club are adamant that Gareth Bale will stay at the club next season, their nerve will certainly be tested if and when a club such as Barcelona or Real Madrid comes in with a mammoth offer for the player. If an incredible offer does come in this summer, do you believe Spurs should sell Gareth Bale and reap the rewards by using the money to buy several world-class players? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

Fast forward to minute 2:35 for what Villas-Boas said about Bale today:

9 thoughts on “Gareth Bale Will Stay At Tottenham Hotspur Next Season, Says Andre Villas-Boas”

    1. [sarcasm] above.

      Brand Bale is with alot of money from many diff avenues not just shirts. It would have to be a ludicrous sum of money…. even then…maybe bale wouldn’t want to leave, he loves it at Spurs with AVB…
      I hope he pulls a giggs and goes nowhere, deciding to build a dynasty with AVB…

    1. No one will be wiling to pay the amount brand bale is worth to Spurs that levy would want….

      He’ll get a new deal this summer a 40 million 4 year deal….well worth it considering what him staying can do.

  1. Modric wanted to leave and look how tight Levy’s grasp was on him. Bale will not leave unless the money is mad. Also, Bale’s childhood idol was Giggs and his character and commitment is very similar. He will stay at Spurs next year and will make a career there if Spurs are commited to winning trophies.

  2. If he leaves he will be a piece of a great team and win trophies. If he stays he will be the best player on the team and Spurs could become a great team and win trophies. I hope he stays.

  3. Bale HAS to be playing champions league football next season, he just has to!!! I’d love nothing more than to see him playing in the competition with spurs next season, but he’d be wasting a season of his career playing in the Europa league again. Careers are mainly judged on success and performances in Europe’s top competition (and internationally but lets forget that…), so he simply needs to be playing in it.

    This summers transfer window is going to be very exciting. There will no doubt be a Bale saga and with more TV money than ever before… more money than ever before will be spent.

  4. I hope he stays. I mean….even if Spurs get a pile of money for him, it isn’t THAT easy to just reinvest that money to get another transcendent talent. Spurs would be just as likely to get a few “good”players and “good” players won’t help them progress as a club.

  5. For me I would prefer him to stay whether the money is big. Because at Real he will have to fight for his place and this is not guaranteed there while at spurs he will always have his place and evidently scores goals.

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