QPR Supporters Upset at Jose Bosingwa For Laughing After Club Is Relegated: The Daily EPL

Queens Park Rangers supporters are upset at defender Jose Bosingwa who was caught laughing and smiling after the club were relegated after the end of yesterday’s nil-nil draw against Reading.

Bosingwa was snapped laughing and smiling on his way down the tunnel. The timing of Bosingwa’s good mood was incredibly inconsiderate to QPR supporters and the club.

QPR manager Harry Redknapp defended Bosingwa’s actions by saying that the footballer was chatting with Portuguese compatriot Daniel Carrico, the Reading midfielder.

“Jose was only laughing because the lad who played for them came up and spoke to him as they walked off. He wasn’t laughing about getting relegated. You could put a camera on anyone and see them laughing. To start throwing that one at the boy is completely out of order. He was laughing because, as he walked down the tunnel, another foreign lad came up and said something to him and he laughed and put his arm around him. I don’t see what he has done wrong.”

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9 thoughts on “QPR Supporters Upset at Jose Bosingwa For Laughing After Club Is Relegated: The Daily EPL”

  1. well unless Jose explains himself, no one will really know why he laughed. It doesn’t help that he probably really didn’t want to play for QPR in the first place.

    1. Erm hw was talking to someone and was laughing, what was wrong with that? Harry Redknapp did the exact same thing, he was laughing while talking to someone right behind Bosingwa.

      English media would do anything for attention.

      1. I heard about that also. I guess it would have been better sold if he sobbed uncontrollably while leaving the pitch.

      2. I’m sorry they are supposed to be part of a team, they just got relegated as professionals alone surely that means they are failures? The last thing on my mind would be smiling and havin a laugh both Dodgy Arry and Mr big time are pathetic. Wonder if big Tony shared the joke after just losing any thing upto £100m?

    1. Harry has defended Bosingwa. Maybe the 2 of them were sharing an inside joke, both will be leaving QPR soon.

      QPR are going to make an announcement on Wednesday about Harry’s future.

        1. Of course he staying as to get rid would cost as the are still probably paying off Hughes. The joke was probably that neither had relegation release causes so can hold the club to ransom or move for peanuts.

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