Unbelievable Ending to Brentford-Doncaster Match [VIDEO]

Don’t be surprised if some of the Brentford fans had heart attacks today. In last week’s match against Sheffield United, there were three red cards and four penalties awarded in their match. And then today, with Brentford needing a win to secure promotion, they were awarded a last minute penalty. If Brentford scored, they would have been promoted. Up stepped Fulham’s on-loan striker Marcello Trotta to take the PK, but his shot hit the woodwork.

Then, Doncaster broke on the counter, ran down the rest of the pitch where James Coppinger knocked the ball into the back of the net to win promotion as Champions of League One, helping them land a place in the nPower Championship next season.

Brentford, meanwhile, will have to battle it out in the playoffs to try to land a place in the Championship next season.

Alongside Doncaster, Bournemouth secured automatic promotion today to the Championship.

Congratulations too to Watford and Brighton on securing playoff spots in the nPower Championship.

Watch the video highlights of the incredible last-minute penalty and then the resulting goal. Brentford are in red and white, while Doncaster are in their away shirts (green).

7 thoughts on “Unbelievable Ending to Brentford-Doncaster Match [VIDEO]”

  1. Brentford don’t do play offs Gaffer, have a look at their past results. Even Stoke beat them at The Millennium, about 35000 Stoke fans to their 8000. Best stadium in this country bar Twickenham.

  2. This will devatate the club and who knows how it will affect them during the playoffs. I think it will be a big ask frot hem to forget this result and the way it happened and concentrate on the playoffs.

  3. EPIC result for the mighty reds. I feel for the Brentford players but not the fans. They taunted and goaded rovers fans after the final whistle, stewards and police horses had to intervene. No class on show there I’m afraid.

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