Ray Hudson Calls Messi’s Goal ‘Footballing Magic That Belongs In Another Galaxy’ [VIDEO]

ray hudson 600x262 Ray Hudson Calls Messis Goal Footballing Magic That Belongs In Another Galaxy [VIDEO]

On a depressing day for Newcastle United supporters worldwide, one Geordie was grinning from ear to ear today after commentating on a simply sensational goal by Lionel Messi for Barcelona against Athletic Bilbao.

beIN SPORT commentator, and Newcastle United fan and former United footballer, Ray Hudson was the co-commentator as Messi went on a dazzling run past four defenders to slot the ball into the back of the net. His inch-perfect dribbling using his left foot as he went left and then right, and then left again was simply exquisite.

Not surprisingly, Hudson was ecstatic in his praise of the magisterial Messi.

Here’s the goal and accompanying commentary:

H/T 101 Great Goals.

6 thoughts on “Ray Hudson Calls Messi’s Goal ‘Footballing Magic That Belongs In Another Galaxy’ [VIDEO]”

  1. After Barca made 3 goals in like 7 mins once, Ray said, and I paraphrase ” And the poor goalie who can do nothing but scream HELP ME OBI WAN KENOBI, YOU’RE MY ONLY HOPE” I laughed for like 10 mins

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