Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 35: Open Thread

Now that we’re just a few weeks from the end of the Premier League season and the title has already been wrapped up, the number of matches that have massive consequences has dwindled to a few.

Out of the six Premier League matches today, the two that have the most impact are Wigan versus Tottenham (the battle to avoid relegation versus the battle to get a UEFA Champions League slot) and Stoke versus Norwich, with the Potters needing a win that should be enough to guarantee Premier League safety for another season.

If you live in the United States, here’s the TV schedule for all of the matches today as well as the rest of the season.

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow English football supporters.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

48 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 35: Open Thread”

  1. Weird weather in Stoke today. Sunny now but we had a hailstorm 10 minutes ago. So long as it holds off whilst I walk to the match I’m not fussed.

    A point would satisfy me today, Norwich have a poor away record but we’re not know as registered charity 1863 for nothing. Pulis will have to juggle his back line again I think.

    There’s a lot o talk about Pulis leaving and he’s starting to rebut those claims in the press this week. One of the interesting ones is that he’s crossing the Atlantic to manage one of your teams.

    Dust, I need you to make sure Spurs win today. There’ll probably be 3pts at the Brit in it for you in a couple of weeks.

  2. Big Saturday in the championship too. Hoping Watford can edge out Hull for second spot and maybe Brighton for the playoffs. Prefer to see southern footballing sides in the EPL next season rather than northern plodders like Hull.

    1. Does your boyfriend know you’re here and we can see you holding hands could become staple chants across the country if Brighton are promoted.

  3. Terrible cliche, but if any match was crying out for a goal it was this one. Was like watching a bunch of guys on mopeds circling a bus.

    Okay, and I officially am prohibited from making fun of the lack of atmosphere at the Emirates for 10 matches.

    1. I don’t think the stadium’s conducive to a football atmosphere. Whenever I’ve been the sound travels up and out, the structure (impressive as it is) doesn’t seem to retain the din being made. I await Why?’s appearance to berate my opinion.

      1. I’ll tell you what – I agree with you on the design issue. I honestly think our away support is as good as anyone in terms of making noise. Yeah, sure, I’m usually in that away support 1-2 times a year so maybe I’m biased. But I can’t put the “Epmtihad” atmosphere onto our fans. Good fans, really. Maybe changing a bit as the club gets bigger but still good fans.

        Plus this type of match sort of lulls you to sleep a bit. Build-up play v. parked bus and all.

      2. Ha, I didn’t ‘berate’ you last time really did I? I simply pointed out that your club was in the top ten spenders in the league yet the were struggling to say in the div and that City’s squad wasn’t the most expensive at all. You said a ‘bottomless wallet’ ‘should guarantee that you steam roll everything in your path’ and the garb on your thoughtful warning to prospective glory hunters, nice touch! The funny thing is in saying this didn’t seem to realise that your very own team were proving this to be total nonsense. A fair point I thought?

        It is surely understandable why the ground was a little subdued yesterday being the first game at the Etihad since relinquishing the title. But I agree the ground is not as loud as Maine rd was on average. on the whole the premier league is a lot quieter in it’s grounds compared to other countries, this I put down to all seater stadiums that are clearly totally safe if done in the correct way as most of the continent shows.

        Chill ya beans lol

  4. Stoke need to take care of their own business today, but I wouldn’t be adverse to a little nudge from Spurs and ‘Pool. :-)

  5. Yeah good luck there Stoke. I like them and Norwich and don’t want either going down. Kind of a minority opinion among non-Stoke fans, I guess, as I often see people wishing relegation on them. But I sort of like the match contrast that you see having their style of play in the league.

    Just wish you guys would refrain from injuring any of our key personnel for a month’s time next year!

    1. If we stay up I will have a word with our (hopefully) new manager, although if Tony goes it should no longer be necessary. 😉

  6. One thing I’d like to see NBC Sports improve compared to FOX Soccer is the starting line-ups that are displayed before the kick-off. A perfect example of this is today’s game between Wigan and Spurs, where FOX made a couple of mistakes — guessing it would be three in the back, instead of the four in the back that started for Wigan. And guessing that Maloney would start on the right when he started on the left instead.

    I realize it’s difficult but there’s got to be a better and more accurate way to have this set up before a match kicks off.

    The Gaffer

  7. Go Everton, West Brom and Norwich! Not really bothered about the result of Wigan vs Spurs. It’s alright if Sours win as long as my Arsenal win tomorrow as well.

  8. Don’t want to jinx them…4 minutes left…cheering for Wigan as hard as I have cheered for a team this season. Want them to stay up!!! Credit to Martinez, season after season, and getting this side to Europe.

  9. Wow – what a match. The Egg-chasers deserved six points from this one and their tilt with a limp, disinterested City a week and a half ago. And in the end they only get one.

    I’m totally rooting for Wigan from here on in. Not in the Cup final, obviously, but definitely everywhere else. That club has played with heart and dedication far in excess of even what you’d expect from a threatened side.

  10. 3 players sent off actually, another one from the Saints, looks like this wasn’t their day.

    The draw does nothing to help either Wigan or Tottenham. The result has given an advantage to both Arsenal, who are now 1 point above them having played an equal amount of games, and Chelsea. For Wigan, they’ll have to hope Villa lose on Monday.

    Also, Stoke now seem to have found the route to safety.

  11. Well, Stoke managed to do what was needed and finally seem safe. I can’t see any way for them to be leapfrogged now. A grueling and depressing second half of the season. Hopefully, we get a new manager next season and “evolve”. Stoke fans don’t enjoy the way we’ve been playing any more than those of you who would like to see us go down. A change would be most welcome, at least for me.

    A word about Wigan/Martinez: How can a team that seems to play so well be in this much trouble? Leaky defense for sure (-23 GF), but what about the manager. I like Martinez, but I question why each season ends like this for Wigan. If he can rally the troops in the waning weeks of the season then for heaven’s sake why
    can’t he do it throughout the campaign or at least pull the trigger sooner? That is a manager’s job after all.

    I guess if I had the answer to that one I’d be Gary Neville. 😉

    1. To answer the Wigan/Martinez question, I wonder if it has to do with the fact that each off-season they usually sell their best 2 or 3 players and bring in replacements. It takes a while for these replacements to learn the system and get up to speed, which is why Wigan start to peak towards the end of the season. Just a thought.

    2. Guy, I’ll keep you posted when he 150th anniversary shirt is down to £15 again. You can add it to your Britannia home shirt.

      Impressed with Kamara as were the potters around me. Holt is just a fat non-league reject who should have walked for a second yellow today. Shocking refereeing display today.

      Can’t say it was enjoyable but they’ve proven me wrong. I will not be buying the season review DVD that’s for sure!

      Cracking line from behind me today when talking about Jon Walters mobility, “Heather Mills cold turn faster.”

  12. I’ve given up on FOX Soccer’s pre-match, half time and post-match analysis. I have it on in the background, which I often regret. Lots of inane comments, jokes and very little erudite analysis.

    I also “love” how Barton-Wynalda-Stone were very dismissive of Wigan at half time. Again, their analysis of teams outside the top 6 is pitiful and condescending.

    The Gaffer

    1. I feel the urge to savagely punch someone pretty much anytime Rob Stone opens his mouth. Ideally, someone named “Rob Stone.”

  13. Oh no, while watching the game I checked foxsoccer2go’s schedule and it seems Gus is calling the Barcelona vs. Munich match :(

      1. I halfway wonder if they put Gus on ice after that dreadful run. But now maybe see this as a match that will have a lot less interest, and in which they can more safely inflict him upon the viewing public.

  14. Congratulations to Liverpool on a great result against the team in 16th place in the league. Seventh spot in the league this season is a wonderful achievement for a club of your size.

  15. I don’t feel so bad now about Swansea losing 5-0 to Liverpool in a match where the Swans fielded a B-team at Anfield.

    Thank you Newcastle.

    The Gaffer

  16. Loving the aerial shots of St James’ Park tonight during Newcastle-Liverpool match. Great touch.

    The Gaffer

    1. It feels like an aerial shot sat at the back of the away end. A Liverpool supporting friend got comped a ticket in an executive box today, him and 7 Newcastle fans. Smug would be the look on his face I imagine.

      Gaffer, any chance of a round up piece on the demise of Wolves and Portsmouth?

  17. Pardew is walking on eggshells with the supporters. Yet another embarassing loss at home. It didn’t help that a former Sunderland player, Henderson, scored two for the Pool. Good thing for Pardew he has a 7 year contract.

    I still think Newcastle will survive because Wigan are still the team that needs results badly and they play tougher opponents. Aston Villa have a big game at home against Sunderland on Monday. A win for them and they will like their chances of staying up.

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