Manchester City’s Joe Hart Has A Day Not To Remember With Blunder Against West Ham [GIF]

Poor Joe Hart. The Manchester City goalkeeper had a day not to remember today when West Ham United striker Andy Carroll took a shot, only for the ball to embarrassingly go under Joe Hart’s legs and into the back of the net.

Carroll brilliantly chested the ball down to create space and then unleashed a shot right at Joe Hart, but the ball crept between his legs.

To be fair to Hart, the goalkeeper was suffering from an injury. According to former Manchester City assistant coach Mark Bowen, “I will give Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart the benefit of the doubt as he has been struggling with a groin injury and he was grimacing on the way down.”

Opta quickly followed up with this statistic:

“Joe Hart has now made five errors leading directly to a goal in the Premier League this season, four more than in 2011-12. Fumble.”

Nevertheless, Manchester City went on to win the match 2-1 against the Hammers.


4 thoughts on “Manchester City’s Joe Hart Has A Day Not To Remember With Blunder Against West Ham [GIF]”

  1. Lets be fair–the man was injured. Less than a minute before he spilled a cross at full stretch that he 99 out of a 100 times fields cleanly.

    Nonetheless it was a save he should probably still have made, but luckily in the end it was of no consequence.

    Hopefully he isnt out for a while cuz it didnt look good.

  2. This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard, and perhaps further proof that Mancini isn’t quite a clever as some would have you believe. City are pretty thoroughly cemented in their spot in the table; they’re highly, HIGHLY unlikely to drop a position, and it’s impossible to rise any further. This game is exactly why the term “meaningless fixture” was coined; still, he plays his gimpy ‘keeper.

    If he’s truly so injured that he could not get down for that shot, he should not be playing. At this point all he’s doing is jeopardizing his chances of playing in the cup final, the only meaningful match left on City’s calendar.

    I still think Joe Hart is a fine ‘keeper, but it has not been his best season. As the Gaffer pointed out, he’s had more than the odd blunder this year. IF (and I don’t suspect it to be the case, but if) Mancini is back next year, don’t be surprised if he rounds on his English ‘keeper and buys someone else to take his place. It would be pretty par for the course for him to throw all blame elsewhere.


    1. Joe was injured in that very same game with minutes left. All three substitutions had already been made, the last late on.

  3. If your Rob Stone it’s West Hampton. and FS never showed the goal once in replays, and cast the game as a City walk over rather then a nail biter for most of it.

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