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Liverpool Are Next In Line For Major Qatari Investment, Says Report

liverpool qatari investment 600x337 Liverpool Are Next In Line For Major Qatari Investment, Says Report

Liverpool Football Club could be the next Premier League in line for major Qatari investment, according to a report published last night by Al Jazeera Sport.

The report states that Qatari telecommunications company Ooredoo is interested in investing significant amounts of money into the Anfield club in order to break into the Asian market.

Ooredoo is particularly interested in shirt sponsorship and naming rights to Anfield.

The report from Al Jazeera Sport quotes an Ooredoo director, who said:

“The goal was to sponsor a big English club with a huge history, our search included Arsenal and Manchester United but the former two have long sponsorship deals and the same applies to Manchester City, so Liverpool is the only club available right now.

“We want to sponsor the club in full. We want to sponsor the Stadium as well as the club’s kits.

“Our goal is to reach the Asian markets where the Premier League has an enormous fan base.

“We received the tender from the club a few days ago and we are currently in the process of due diligence and we are studying each aspect of the study.

“It is a dual interest, Liverpool needs the money to compete with the European heavyweights and we want to expand our brand to reach new markets via football.”

The current shirt sponsorship deal with Standard Chartered is reported to end at the end of this season, and the club have been involved in talks to renew the deal. But the addition of Ooredoo to the negotiating table could help the Reds significantly increase their sponsorship revenue.

Formerly known as Qtel, Ooredoo is one of the major telecom providers in Qatar and is backed by the Qatari Royal family.

What are your thoughts about Ooreboo wanting naming rights to Anfield? Should Liverpool consider selling the naming rights to Anfield if it means pumping a significant amount of money into the club, to help spur them on to sign better players? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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20 Responses to Liverpool Are Next In Line For Major Qatari Investment, Says Report

  1. San Franciscan says:

    This is getting ridiculous.

  2. Todd says:

    Next thing will be buying naming rights to the club. Ooredoo Liverpool FC. And they would always need to be referred to as Ooredoo Liverpool FC.

  3. rej4sl says:

    I don’t like these deals. There would never be a chance in a million years they would rename Old Trafford to the Ooredoo Stadium anyways.

    • lfc says:

      anfield will allways be anfield we could do with some good investment but we building a good young team that have been unlucky this season in a lot of game but beat the top 4 so i wouldent say WE NEED THIS DEAL but surtenly would help jft96 ynwa

  4. Matt says:

    Barclays Premier League renamed to Qatari National Bank Premier League

    Too bad this UEFA FFP won’t do much, hand so much hope for it when it first came out but clubs will find loopholes.

  5. Victor, olusegun, Akainza. says:

    Yea. I think this one is a great news to all liverpool fans. We need player’s who can compete for top 4 finish. Look at the likes of man-city. Because they have sponsors, thats why they can come from behind to be second in the league. FSG principle owners, should use this as an opportunity to step forward next season. Even if the news of Ooredoo would be fruition. They should still know that they the FSG are still the principle owners, not Ooredoo. Thank you, and God bless you all. From, victor, olusegun, Akainza. LAGOS-STATE.

  6. SteveLFC says:

    Look everyone we need investment to compete
    With mancs gunners Chelsea man city
    So plz welcome the investment with open arms
    We are Liverpool fc and we belong in the champions league and competing for the premiership
    So three cheers for the investment
    Your never walk alone

  7. ALBY ARMOUR says:

    ooredoo scooby doo dont care whooo just get some cash in fsg are the owners so no probs we need a cash injection sponsorship is a great way . dont care if they call it ooredoo anfield so long as we stay at anfield it will always be anfield lfc 6 geordies 0 ynwa

  8. king kenny says:

    if this is true then it can only be good for liverpool to compete with the rest of the prems rich clubs, wouldnt want anfield to be renamed but if its a big cash injection to help the team i think i could live with it if it gets us back were we belong. also with the stadium getting expanded lets hope the good times are coming back. YNWA

  9. theres one big problem with this thouqh qatari royal family have blood ties with abu dhabi royal family and will never compete against them in same country FACT also one of citys main partners is etisalat united arab emirates main telicomunication supplyer they will not take kindly to that.i say this because first and formost etisalat promote the UAE.sorry to be the barer of bad news liverpool fans but as a man city fan wish you well.

  10. Justice Ubele says:

    Well done ooredoo. Please go on with your proposal, i’m 100percent in support of your insights about our club. Aleast this will help Liverpool to be able to compete with the other big clubs in terms of getting quality players and also extend your company into the Asian markets. Go on Ooredoo…

  11. Emanuel says:

    I agree it is good for the clum even for Ooredoo

  12. Emanuel says:

    (Sorry for my corractions)
    I agree it is good for the liverpool football club even for Ooredoo Co.

  13. @Vouchercodes1 says:

    1. Washington blues talking a load of crap for starters.
    2. The Anfield – for Ooredoo stadium would be fine by 90% of the fans.
    3. Great chance to get major investment into the club

  14. dhagajuun says:

    If is good for the club go ahead pls we need to get players to compete oar rivals

  15. dhagajuun says:

    it is good news for lfc club let’s hope this sponser will happen

  16. GavIn Smith says:

    Careful we don’t sell our soul

  17. woodward says:

    they shouldnt just sponsore us they should buy out the americans aswell coz its plain to see these yanks dont have the funds to compete with the big clubs in europe once ur linked to the qatar royal family you must never ignore the massive input that could occurr with these type of people if it means re-nameing anfield then so be it money makes the worldgo round carry on guys pump it in to the most famous club in british football eeeehhaaaa

  18. woodward says:

    washington blues you didnt say that when you were taken over by the arabs you were jumping up and down in your livingroom theres probarly 50 holes in your cealing were your head went straight through it whats good for you is even better for us oh and by the way dont you ever forget how historic and huge liverpool fc are man-city are only just out of nappies weve been winning trophies for decades

  19. rkujay says:

    How much more money does Liverpool need to spend to secure sixth place? They spent tons of money under Kenny and look what they got. They need to get players who want to play for the club and its history.

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