Gareth Bale is PFA Player Of The Year for 2012-13, Says Report: The Nightly EPL

Although the PFA Player of the Year Award won’t be officially announced until Sunday night, The Sun newspaper is reporting that Gareth Bale has won the award and has achieved the honor of winning it for the second time alongside other two-time winners Thierry Henry, Alan Shearer and Cristiano Ronaldo.

If Bale will be announced as the winner, the Welsh midfielder/forward will have beaten fellow nominees Robin van Persie, Juan Mata, Eden Hazard, Michael Carrick and Luis Suarez.

The winners are selected by fellow professional footballers from across the English leagues.

What do you think about Gareth Bale winning the PFA Player of the Year award? Is it justly deserved, or do you think one of the other nominees should have won it? Voice your opinion in the comments section below.

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22 thoughts on “Gareth Bale is PFA Player Of The Year for 2012-13, Says Report: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Gareth Bale had a great season and all but this is scapegoating at its finest
    1) Suarez has been the best player the PL this season.
    2) If not suarez then RVP should have won it.

    1. Is this award solely based on positive contributions? Cuz if they also look at players’ negative contributions to their team such as… biting someone… Suarez should be far from winning it.

      1. Again, I got no time for moral awards. I’m judging on football contributions only. Suarez has been the best player in the PL this season. Him biting another player is another issue in itself that should have no bearing on performance.
        PFA Player of the year award is supposed to be given out to the best player. And as such Suarez should win it.

        1. As Suarez was PLAYING football at the time he bit another PLAYER instead of legitimately PLAYING the game and as it is a PLAYER award, I think it is perfectly valid to not vote for him on those grounds

  2. if that is true it is a joke and i like Bale but you have the top scorer and his side also won the League.just like in SPL Celtic wins League and no players made the League XI.before you hammer me Dust remember i am a Bale fan.

  3. @Kagawa23

    well if he won it off one game in 2011, hes more than deserving of the award this year seeing as hes been outstanding all season.

    congratulations Gareth Bale!

  4. OMG, Luis Suarez has to win Player of the Year, the bite did not effect his chance.
    If not Suarez, then Robin Van Persie.

  5. I don’t care who suarez has taken a chunk out of. This award is about the best footballer not the best behaved footballer.
    I think Bale should have won anyway but whatever suarez has done shouldn’t be taken away from how well suarez has played.

    Top 3 for me:

    Van Perse

  6. Love Liverpool and Suarez’s performance on the field is typically intense, putting it all on the field, sometimes too much. Certainly deserved consideration. However, Liverpool only won one game against a top team in the EPL. That hurts a lot. Van Persie was a major reason for Man United winning the Title and Bale is a major reason or Tottenham fighting for a Champion’s League spot. Either Van Persie or Bale deserved it this season.

  7. Suarez should clearly be the winner due to his versatility. He has played as striker, winger and the CF/CAM role and pulled it off with perfection. He has been consistently performing throughout the season whereas Bale started in December. Award is based on performances so the obvious winner should be Suarez.

  8. Suarez, RVP, Mata and Carrick were all more deserving of the award than Bale. They were all consistent throughout the season. Bale just had a good run in January and February when they were voting for the award. Not that surprised he won though because he’s British. Yes Carrick is British too but he’s only got one goal and apparently goals are all that matter. I was happy but very surprised to even hear he was nominated

  9. I think Bale, Suarez and Van Persie were all equally deserving of the award. However, the choice of the winner comes from the players themselves. It is a true accolade of a players all around performance, attitude and abilities in the eyes of his peers. Funny how i see people here, not all, who support a team and think their player should have won it. An obvious bias. Sometimes you need to try and get outside of this.

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