Inter Milan Fined £37k By UEFA For Racist Abuse Against Tottenham Hotspur

Inter Milan have been fined £37,862 by UEFA for the conduct of its fans during the Europa League game against Tottenham Hotspur from March 14.

Inter Milan fans were accused of racist abuse against Tottenham Hotspur striker Emmanuel Adebayor.

Even though Inter Milan have been fined by UEFA, the club can appeal the decision within three days.

At the time of the incident, Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas said, “It was very, very easy to hear the chanting so I am sure that Uefa will act on it. It’s difficult for Inter because it is something that has happened before. It doesn’t mar the game but it is something that should have been avoided.”

This is yet another example of Inter Milan being fined for racist behavior by its fans. The cycle continues. UEFA fines the club, but the behavior doesn’t stop. Perhaps its time for UEFA to take tougher measures against Inter Milan to stop this horrible behavior?

Plus it’s absolutely ridiculous that the fine is too paltry. For a club of Inter Milan’s size, how is £37k a deterrent?

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6 thoughts on “Inter Milan Fined £37k By UEFA For Racist Abuse Against Tottenham Hotspur”

  1. First offense- £250,000

    Second offense- £500,000

    Third offense- games behind closed doors.

    If it continues to happen after that a ban from European competition for a year.

    1. Makes sense only problem is it doesn’t factor in the corrupt and offensively racist tolerant people in charge @ UEFA.

      They talk alot at UEFA but that’s it…you can’t say racism is disgusting and has no place in society and then fine a repeated offender of said racism the equivalent of 5 bucks is a joke.

      Football can be a tool to help make racism unacceptable but right now as a tool UEFA is to stamping out racism as a tooth pick is to digging a second channel tunnel.


    1. Exactly. Inter Milan fans are shown to be racists and the club is fined £37k. Meanwhile, UEFA withholds £1.1 million because the FA had the audacity to have EPL matches played at the same time as a Champions League match.

      It shows where UEFA’s bread is buttered.

      The Gaffer

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