Top 5 Best Soccer iPad Apps

If you’re an owner of an Apple iPad and you’ve been searching for great soccer apps to check out, here are five of my favorites:


Score! is one of the best soccer apps out there with a wide range of memorable goals to reenact on your iPad. From the 1980’s to the Euros, or even goals from legends, Score! gives you the option to score some of the most iconic goals in world soccer history. This app even has commentary on the goals you score, which always tends to add excitement. Free.

Flick Kick

Flick Kick is a fantastic app for any competitive soccer-lovers. With an option to play online as well as single player, you can curl in some of the best freekicks possible. The aim is in the name — to flick the ball on the screen round the wall and into the goal. There are a wide range of game modes in single player mode, such as arcade, bullseye, skillshot or, for those of who like to challenge themselves, time attack. Whilst you face the goal, it’s your decision whether you want to bend it over the wall, try and drill it in, or even fool the goalkeeper with curl. Flick Kick is $1.99.

New Star Soccer

We’ve all dreamed about being a professional footballer, having your own flash car, huge mansion and playing for the top team. The New Star Soccer app is your chance to live that dream. Buy your own car, apartment and even iPhone or games consoles with your earnings. Score the chances that come to you as your teammates set you up, and you can return the favour. Set your popularity with the boss, the team, the fans and even your own girlfriend. If you’re feeling lucky, then why not take a trip to the casino and play blackjack or roulette. This app keeps you entertained for hours as you are living the life of a footballer. Free.

The Football App

The Football App allows you to check fixtures, results, news and latests scores. Free to download, the app is up-to-date with all the latest news and matches. It even allows you to check scores in leagues all around the world. If your team are in a sticky situation or can’t stop winning, you can check the live league tables to find out what position they are in whilst you read the live match reports that update every two minutes. It’s a great app to keep up with the latest soccer news. Free.

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