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Here’s Another Reason Why Jurgen Klopp Needs to Manage in the Premier League [VIDEO]

jurgen klopp Heres Another Reason Why Jurgen Klopp Needs to Manage in the Premier League [VIDEO]

How much time will it take before Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp takes a job in the English Premier League?

The last time we had such a refreshing manager in the Premier League was when Jose Mourinho was at Chelsea. But The Special One, while gifted both on and off the pitch, is too manipulative for my liking. Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp is a brilliant manager, but more jovial and seems like a ton of fun to be in the company of.

As an example, take a look at Klopp’s press conference from after the Dortmund game (fast forward to minute 6:38).

Klopp takes a question from a reporter from The Sun, which is funny enough — but his answers are even more irreverent. It’s definitely a must-see.

Plus there’s a bonus of a follow-up question from The Guardian‘s Sid Lowe.

Last but not least, if you missed it, here’s Klopp’s post-match interview after his side beat Malaga in a last minute thriller in the UEFA Champions League quarter-final.

C’mon Jurgen, the Premier League needs you!

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7 Responses to Here’s Another Reason Why Jurgen Klopp Needs to Manage in the Premier League [VIDEO]

  1. One would believe that both Chelsea and Manchester City would have already contacted Juergen Klopp’s representatives. The owners of both clubs certainly can afford to hire Herr Klopp.

  2. Scrumper says:

    Begs the question why there has never been a successful German manager in the premier league.

  3. dust says:

    funny to see everyone just now jumping on the Klopp wagon… He is a great coach…he wont go to CFC, or Man City… It would not surprise me if when he did leave he went to Farsenal if they can ever grow a pair and get rid of Wenger that is… I say let Wenger stay… 9 years and counting…

    While Klopp is good, he hasn’t shown he can focus on a domestic comp and European comp… it is a hard thing to to.. when they were successful domestically they fell apart in Europe and now successful in Europe they have fallen away domestically.

    its a lot harder to win a league a cup and a European trophy in one season… not many managers have done it… thats why Im glad we have AVB!

    Wenger IN

  4. kagawa23 says:

    Why should he leave Dortmund? In a few years if they keep up staying in the champions league growing the BVB brand they could be a powerhouse. He can buy another player better than goetze with that 31 million pounds. I like what they are doing and making themselves top club without some oligarch. They prove all those people wrong who say that you can only compete with the traditional powerhouses unless you have a rich owner. They are doing things the right way and trashed Sheik Mansours playthings home and away and Klopp has stated he will not leave Dortmund. They should stay together andbuild a dynasty and why leave a club with more Ucl history than city and Chelsea that has a better team for a few extra dollars. Prem fans can get stuck up sometimes we may have the most competitive league but not the best by any stretch of the imagination. He despises rich boy clubs and he said himself the bundesliga is the best league. He can manage in front of 80,000 fans a week with BVB why go to the Etihad that cant sell out or the bridge with half that capacity.

    • Dust says:

      More history than City or CFC ?

      CFC sure…but not city, they fell away for a while but have a far more significant story than Chelsleaz.

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