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Arsenal In Talks With Fiorentina Over Montenegro Striker Stevan Jovetic: The Nightly EPL

Stevan Jovetic Arsenal In Talks With Fiorentina Over Montenegro Striker Stevan Jovetic: The Nightly EPL

Arsenal are in talks with Fiorentina over £25 million-rated striker Stevan Jovetic, according to a newspaper report.

There’s been rumors for a few weeks about Jovetic, the skillful Montenegro striker, being linked with Arsenal, but his £25 million price tag may be too much for Arsenal even if Arsene Wenger is being handed a larger-than-usual transfer kitty reportedly of £70 million this summer.

Newspaper reports are that Arsenal are offering under £20 million.

What do you think? Could you see Stevan Jovetic fitting in with this Arsenal squad? And do you think Wenger would fork out the cash necessary to sign the 23-year-old? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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10 Responses to Arsenal In Talks With Fiorentina Over Montenegro Striker Stevan Jovetic: The Nightly EPL

  1. CTBlues says:

    Why would they think a 10 match ban is too much after he was banned for 7 matches the last time he did the same thing?

    • Mufc77 says:

      Hopefully they appeal and it gets increased to 12 games. Rodgers better watch what he says or he could easily face a charge himself.

    • Andre says:

      Because the 7 match ban was in a different league under a different FA and the precedent in England was a yellow card and no further discipline.

  2. jtm371 says:

    rogers is coming off as a fool.LFC has never been able to see the light when it came to suarez.they would rather cut their nose off to save their face.they will come out this weekend with Hannibal mask t-shirts in honor of suarez.

    • Mufc77 says:

      Liverpool and its players not accepting responsibility for their actions as usual. After doing the right thing and condemning Suarez right away they have started trying to sh*t the blame onto the FA.

  3. Dust says:

    The FA does need to revamp its disciplinary system… Suarez got off with 10 games IMO… It’s the other mistakes the FA have made in giving out bans that has been thrown into light as a result of it.

    Recent incidents involving Terry, McManaman and abbusive rants at refs are all examples of what need to be assesed on a better structure including adding retro review as well as delt with in timely manners instead of the ironically consistent inconsistency.

    The FA need to take a stand… Even if that means taking on UEFA and FiFA…

    As creators of the game and it custodians (in-spite of what xenophobic, out of touch neanderthal morons at the FA did 80 years ago that handed over power of the game to seemingly everyone else) we need to be strong, fair, conciencious leaders.

    There are things that are just plain wrong in the game with antiquated reasoning used at every defense (technology), that are hurting the game that need real leadership to tackle… It should be the FA and the powerfull BPL clubs to steer the sport at its highest level the right way. I believe It can be done in partnership with others around he world, even with the powers that be…perhaps…

    It’s so frustrating watching the game stagnate in areas and progress halted un-necessarily.

    Semi rant over…. I think it’s worth serious debate, it seems the consumer route through lobbying the biggest advertisers might be a valid aspect to use as part of an overall change strategy…

    Ok…I mean it this time semi rant over…

    Gaffer…. How about a thread on establishing a charter for change?…

    Just a thought.

  4. Mr BME says:

    Wenger should sign steven jovetic and other top class midfielders and defenders if he wishes Arsenal loving fans a nice and sweat songs to sing. Ofcours this season has been a terrable season to all arsenal supporters it is a season of diffculties and hardship. Arsenal board should do something vry fast b4 new season begins.

  5. bucky says:

    lies. not in talks.


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