Manchester City to Sign Christian Eriksen and Edinson Cavani: Transfer Rumors

With Manchester City missing out on the Premier League title this season, expect a boatload of transfer rumors between now and the end of the transfer window with the club being linked with several major players worldwide.

Manchester City to sign Eriksen and Cavani — The Guardian

While there’s no doubt that City need to strengthen their squad, most newspapers will be licking their chops at the prospect of running transfer gossip stories about so-and-so heading to the Etihad.

The most recent rumor is regarding Christian Eriksen and Edinson Cavani being linked with City. But is this fact or fiction?

Christian Eriksen is a 21-year-old attacking midfielder who plies his trade with Ajax. The gifted footballer has been the target of several clubs in the past one to two seasons, and will likely move this summer.

With Manchester City expected to clear house this summer — with midfielders such as Samir Nasri, Scott Sinclair and David Silva at risk for being jettisoned — Eriksen would fit in well with City’s side, and would give them a much-needed edge to try to win back the Premier League title.

Up front for City, the club may decide to clear house with their strikers too — with Carlos Tevez and Edin Dzeko at risk of being sold. That clears room for star striker Edinson Cavani to give City a much-needed spark up front. Unless, of course, Cavani decides to join Paris Saint-Germain as has been rumored this week.

FACT OR FICTION?: Manchester City should be interested in signing both Cavani and Eriksen. Whether they will or not is another matter entirely. Fact.

Other transfer rumors:

LA Galaxy set to offer Chelsea’s Frank Lampard an improved deal — The Mirror

FACT OR FICTION?: There’s no doubt that Frank Lampard is interested in other options if his career at Chelsea is coming to an end, and that he likes the United States after touring and holidaying here in the past. At 34 years of age, MLS would be an attractive proposition for Lampard to finish his career. Fact.

Arsenal & Liverpool preparing offers for Iker CasillasAS

FACT OR FICTION?: Arsenal are always rumored to be interested in transfer signings, but when the transfer window opens, their activity is usually pretty limited unless there’s a last minute scramble like we saw during the summer of 2011. While Arsenal and Liverpool both need to strengthen their goalkeeping situation, I don’t see Iker Casillas as a likely signing. Both clubs should hire a younger goalkeeper who can grow with the club. Fiction.

Fulham to pip United to £4m Asmir Begovic — The Guardian

FACT OR FICTION?: With Stoke City having already signed Jack Butland, where he’ll join the Potters this summer, the path is clear for Asmir Begovic to leave Tony Pulis’s side for a bigger club. While Fulham will need cover for the aging Mark Schwarzer, and someone to give David Stockdale competition for the number one jersey, I don’t see Begovic making a sideways step from Stoke to Fulham. The only way for Begovic is up. Whether it’s Manchester United or another club (such as Arsenal), the future looks bright for the 25-year-old Bosnian goalkeeper. Fiction.

Radamel Falcao and Joleon Lescott to Manchester United — The Guardian

FACT OR FICTION?: Who wouldn’t want Radamel Falcao on their team as a star striker? While Manchester United supporters are licking their chops at the prospect of Falcao in their side, I don’t see it happening. They’ll be pipped by a club who are willing to pay silly money — someone like Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid or Barcelona. As for Joleon Lescott joining cross-town rivals, there’s no way that would happen. Lescott’s performances for Manchester City have taken a turn for the worse after moving from Everton. And his defensive lapses are far too prevalent for him to find a place in this United side. Fiction.

What are your thoughts about the latest transfer rumors? Do you disagree with any of the fact or fiction analysis? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

12 thoughts on “Manchester City to Sign Christian Eriksen and Edinson Cavani: Transfer Rumors”

  1. Yeah, but RMC in France has Cavani as a done deal to PSG.

    RMC is not highly credible, of course. But neither is much of anyone as far as these things go.

    My attitude to all such things is to 100% discount it until I see video showing the guy walking out of team HQ holding a signed contract, wearing the new shirt, etc.

    1. RMC are talking bobbins though they are just like many papers in the UK. The player or his agent will not talk until a fee is agreed and if they did there is no way in a million years a media source would be told or the club and agent let it known he was for sale to get the hugest price.

      1. RMC is probably wrong right now, but I think that PSG will go mad spending their oil money to build a better side this summer.

    1. Many Manchester City supporters have been underwhelmed by his performances this season, which haven’t been as good as last season. It’s quite possible that Silva will leave this summer.

      The Gaffer

      1. Gaffer, the view the City fans may have over there are clearly the exact opposite as to those in Manchester in that case to say the least.

      2. It’s absolutely 110% not possible he will leave. He’s created the 2nd most chances in the entire league, it’s not his fault the strikers have been wasteful! I’m sure Cavani (if he signs) will be thankful to Silva…

  2. I don’t think Nasri and Silva (I don’t get why you think Silva at all) are going any where, Sinclair could if he wants to but only if he pushes a move but why would he? do people really think he was going to take one of the established players places? what people forget while they are busy telling every body what a bad buy he has some how been, is that as a 21 year old surely he wasn’t signed to go straight into the first team? I mean he did OK with Swansea for a season but as a player doesn’t he still need time to develop like the older players have at Allready? Isn’t it the same with Butner at Utd or is he allowed the ‘one for the future’ tag even though he’s a year older?

  3. I think my team man city “gave up” hope of retaining our title around december,and they only beat united to keep our fans off their backs about conceding the title so early on… I’d get rid of dzeko barry milner k toure lescott kolarov and joe hart this would be his last season if he doesn’t try his hardest consistantly for us! I hope we sign cavani what a great player and terrific asset he would be I’d also like to see ribery eriksen subotic lavezzi modric weidenfeller robben players who make goals and score them too cavani is an out and out hitman and I think he’s the perfect blend to compliment tevez and aguero….

    1. Milner will be voted in the fans top six easily this year would not be good to let him go. Barry has been a bit iffy for the first time this season. Joe Hart? I think that’s as bad as letting silva go! Kolo is going to clear wages, Lescott I think will stay great cover. Dzeko hasn’t been good at all so may make way for hopefully Cavani. Ribery is a big wage signing to make Rooney’s look like chicken feed, I’d be happy with Subotic and though we should have gone for Lavezzi before PSG, Modric ok the others not for me though.

  4. I love the silly season. United does a good job of tracking the madness on their website, where they are linked every year with over 1.5 billion in player transfers.

    Now, real talk:

    United would NEVER approach City for 30yo washed up defender when they have Jones, Smalling, Vidic, Rio and Evans.

    United have no use for a GK when they have De Gea who has had a brilliant second season. (Further, Fulham dont “pip” United, United are either interested or not)

    City will not even remotely consider selling Silva who is consistently one of their best players when fit. There are about 15 other players they would offload before Silva.

    Liverpool could offer Iker Casillas 350k a week and he still wouldnt consider the move. Not happening.

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