Luis Suarez Accepts FA Charge of Violent Conduct Against Branislav Ivanovic

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has accepted The FA’s charge of violent conduct after Luis Suarez bit Branislav Ivanovic in a game at Anfield this past Sunday.

According to a statement by The FA, Suarez accepted the charge but “Suarez has denied The FA’s claim that the standard punishment of three matches is clearly insufficient for this offense.

“An Independent Regulatory Commission will hear the case tomorrow, Wednesday 24 April.”

The big question now is how many games Luis Suarez will be suspended for. When he bit a player while playing for Ajax, Suarez was suspended for seven matches.

How many games do you think Suarez should be suspended for? Share your opinion and the reason why in the comments section below.

22 thoughts on “Luis Suarez Accepts FA Charge of Violent Conduct Against Branislav Ivanovic”

  1. Well if Giroud has to serve a 3-match ban for rolling over the ball and having a player run into his leg, then Suarez should have his teeth removed… and serve a 68 match ban!

  2. Since this is the first time he a bitten anyone in the EPL, I think he should be given free Big Mac coupons and ordered to have pre-game meals for the next three games.

    And since this is the FA, of course no game suspension.

    1. Since he is a fellow racist, I also think that they should apply the “John Terry Rule” and not review this for at least six months.

  3. Barton got 12 for a a kick out after a dubious at best red card… Was totally out of order, but you could understand his frustration.

    This was in the run of play. He has a history. 15 to 20. And i guess he’ll be serving it on another team, in another country/ If Liverpool bring him back, they damage one of the world’s best known sports brands. They have no choice but to sell him on at this point. Bye Bye Luis. you are a wonderful player with major demons.

      1. Undoubtedly, they will blame Sir Alex Ferguson for being the mastermind of the length of the ban and how he, the referees and the FA are all conspiring to keep their club down. 😉

  4. In my opinion, the act itself warrants a 5 game suspension at minimum. Throw in his 10 yellow cards he’s got this year, the past bite at Ajax, the race row with Evra, and all his other antics, he may be looking at a much lengthier ban.

    There is no place in the game for this nonsense. It is embarrassing. This just tarnishes the perception of the game for people that don’t watch soccer. I hope he is banned from the game for a year.

  5. He probably deserves 3-6games…that’s about it.
    Football is big money business and any business would be stupid to get rid of their 45mil+ asset for anything less that too when the assets stock is down to appease moral high grounders, especially a business which showed 80mil loss last year.

    1. Given Suarez’s repeated acts — the diving, the proven charges of racist behavior, the previous biting incident in the Eredivisie — it is time to send this young man a clear message. I personally hope he is banned ten games at a minimum, with hopefully even more fixtures than that to send not only him but also Liverpool FC that enough of Luis Suarez’s antics are more than enough.

  6. I wish that the LFC fanboy that is putting the “thumbs down” on all the posts favoring a suspension would have enough courage to put its support in a post…instead of taking the chicken anonymous way out.

    “Thumbs” in support are OK. But, if you disagree with a post, post your own feelings. Show some spine!

  7. Defoe only got a yellow card for biting Mascherano a couple of seasons back. Had the referee seen the incident in the game Suarez would have received a yellow card as well. But becuase the reefree didn’t see it and the FA can review it and give out it’s own punishment/fine they will give him a lengthy ban especially when David Cameron has chimed in and said Suarez should be given a lengthy ban.

    I believe Suarez will be sold in the summer despite what Liverpool says. One rumour has it that Real Madrid will send Higuain and cash for Suarez. We shall see.

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