John Terry Will Begin Talks Over New Chelsea Contract In Summer: The Daily EPL

John Terry says he’ll begin talks over a new deal in the summer.

The former England captain hopes to get a 12-month extension to his contract. Here’s what the 32-year-old defender said:

“People have to realise that I’ve got a year left at Chelsea after this. People have spoken about no new contract and this kind of thing but it’s not even on the agenda at the moment.

“They may sit down with me once the season has finished and we’ll start talking then. Whether it’s a yes or a no I’ll continue to give my very best until my contract finishes.”

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4 thoughts on “John Terry Will Begin Talks Over New Chelsea Contract In Summer: The Daily EPL”

  1. I know that this has nothing to do with the EPL, as there are no teams in, but I am looking forward to today and tomorrow’s Champions League ties. Will be an interesting final if Bayern and Dortmund make especially with the news about Mario Gotze going to Bayern next season. If he is a true professional he will give it his all for Dortmund regardless of the fact that he is going to Bayern next season. I would however be interested to see how would celebrate if he were to score a goal against Bayern.

    1. We’ll have open threads for both of the Champions League matches, today and tomorrow. Both should be classics! I’m looking forward to watching them.

      The Gaffer

  2. John Terry had better sign that new deal ASAP. If Jose Mourinho is coming as rumoured, I bet Terry and Lampard, his old generals, are the first to go.

    No nostalgia, just a memory of who was talking to Abramovich (Roman takes heat for talking to players behind JM’s back, but clearly players were talking to the owner too) and a recognition of just what kind of monsters towards subsequent managers he created years ago.

    There can only be one top dog, and JM is pretty certain who that should be.


  3. Hey people on that island are starting to finally realize they are not 3 different countries, but one made up of 3 “states”.

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